Water supply and charges


​​​​​​Applying for a Water Supply Connection

Please complete the application fo​rm​​ ​and read the Terms and Conditions included in the form. Return the application form to customerservices@westernbay.govt.nz.  For further information phone Customer Services on 0800 926 732.

Water Supplies and Charges

​Council supplies water to about 31,000 people through a network of water mains, reservoirs, valves, hydrants and tanks. The water system is separated into three supply zones - western, eastern and central.

The water charges per cubic metre (excluding GST) are:


The District sources its water supply from secure ground water located throughout the District. These ground water supplies have been graded as "A" or "B" in terms of the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards. All surface water sources (except one) have been decommissioned. The last being the Raymond Dam, Te Puke, in February 2008. ​The Bush Dam water treatment plant in Pongakawa near Te Puke has been upgraded with UV disinfection to achieve a "B" grade.

Changes to Water Supply Terms and Conditions

In December 2018 Council amended its Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Water (T & Cs) to require the installation of a tank and pump system for new connections in rural areas, as well as minor changes to references.

The T&Cs is the agreement between Council and all customers who have water supplied by Council.  Council is able to vary the T&Cs from time to time by making a resolution and notifying the public.

The amendments require a tank with a capacity of at least 5,000 litres to be installed along with a pump system, for any new rural water connection. Council water supply will be delivered via a restricted flow, to allow a continuous but small feed of water to the tank. 

This will significantly reduce the impact of new connections on our water network during peak demand times, and provide resilience to those new connections in times of shutdowns, hazard events and fires.

The key change is:

New section 3.5: “New Rural Connections Must Have On-Site Water Storage” as follows:

3.5.1 All new connections t​o the Council water supply network made in the rural areas (including Rural, Rural Residential and Lifestyle zones) after 1 May 2019 must make provision for on-site water storage tanks, with a minimum capacity of 5,000L.

3.5.2 There shall be no minimum level of service to such properties in terms of water pressure, other than a controlled flow supply. 

3.5.3 The water supply network shall be deemed as a private network from the point of supply. As such, Council is not responsible for water pressure beyond the point of supply; water pressure shall be maintained by way of gravity feed or pump system at the owner’s discretion.

3.5.4 A non-return valve shall be installed on the client-side of the water meter to prevent backflow into the Council water supply network.

3.5.5 Clause 3.5 shall not apply to any area designated as Future Urban under the operative District Plan

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