Road Seal Widening & Speed Limits


Road seal widening

We carry out around three kilometres of 'widening' on sealed roads each year.

Widening provides what's officially called a 'recovery margin' for vehicles so if they veer out of control there is enough space for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Widening may also be done to provide for parking. For information on how we set the width of roads in the district please check out our Development Code.

New work on roads is usually done to meet required widths, however there is a backlog of roads that do not meet the requirements,  We've got these roads ranked in order of priority and our aim is to upgrade these as funding becomes available.

Setting speed limits

We review speed limits across the district annually.

Speed limits on state highways are the responsibility of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and are set nationally through Speed Limits New Zealand. (PDF 314KB)

We have to consult with NZTA, Police and the Automobile Association when reviewing speed limits.  Consultation is also required before we make any change to the Speed Limits Bylaw (PDF 1.93MB).  We typically do this by advertising in local newspapers and on this site.

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