Traffic Management Plans (TMP)

​​​​​Work on local roads

Traffic Management Plans are required for all activities that vary the normal operating conditions of a road, irrespective of whether the activity is on a carriageway, a street or footpath.

All those involved with activities on, or adjacent to the road, have a statutory duty to systematically identify any hazards, and to take all practical steps to ensure no person is harmed as a result of the activity. This will include steps and actions to eliminate, isolate or minimise the hazard in this order of priority.

If you plan to do any work on or alongside a road corridor in the District, please contact WestLink BOP on 07 577 4680 or email at

This work can include:

  • open trenching

  • trenchless construction

  • installation or removal of chambers, cabinets, poles, pedestals

  • tree felling or tree planting

  • work on electrical/telephone lines

  • driving stakes into the ground etc.

  • working in the road corridor

Who needs a Traffic Management Plan (TMP)?

Any work, activity or event, that will affect the normal traffic movements in a road corridor must be controlled by an approved Traffic Management Plan (TMP).  The TMP identifies the measures taken to ensure the safety of all.

The Road Corridor is by definition is, all the land from property boundary to property boundary, including the footpath, berm, carriageway and access ways owned in the Council.

Please contact WestLink on 07 577 4680 to check whether you require a TMP in the first instance.

Picture Road Berm.jpg 

Diagram showing typical cross section of the Road Corridor. 

Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for an event

If you are planning an event that will affect a road corridor, a TMP will be required as part of your event application. Your TMP should consider issues such as:

  • Car-parking

  • Safe access and egress (exit) of the event site emergency service access at all times

  • Other events or works happening at the same time that may impact traffic management

  • Speed zone consideration

  • Larger vehicles or vehicles with trailers, which must have spotters in place when manoeuvring near personnel and/or property.

Information on the provision of a Temporary Traffic Management Plans is available in the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management.

How do I develop and Submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP)?

The Traffic Management Plan (TMP) must be developed by a suitably qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) or professional traffic management company - see list below. 

This plan is then submitted through an online application called - Submitica and WestLink BOP process and approve these applications on behalf of Council. Please allow at least 10
business days
for processing. Council charges apply for the processing of the application. These charges
can be found under Roading in the 
Fees and Charges Schedule.

The approved TMP then needs to be implemented on the day/s of the event by your chosen traffic management company i.e event or speed zone reduction signage, car parking marshalls, pedestrian crossing marshalls etc

Please note: there is a separate cost for the development and implementation of the TMP, and
 will depend on the company you choose to do this work.

If you have an queries or need to check whether you require a TMP in the first instance, please contact the WestLink BOP at or phone 07 577 4680.

Here are some local traffic management companies in the District, see table below:​

​Complete Traffic Services

​07 571 0815

​Fulton Hogan Ltd

07 572 8230​

​Downer Tauranga

​07 578 0087

fe Traffic Management

027 696 9047​

​Sight Traffic Management Systems Ltd

​07 543 1776

​Spraymarks NZ Ltd

027 435 0962​
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