Road Closures - Temporary

​If you require a road closure for any activity or event, please complete our temporary road closure application form (PDF 53KB) and submit it to our Customer Services Team at least 60 calendar days prior to your proposed road closure date.

Under the Transport Regulations 1965, Council is required to publically advertise at least 42 calendar days prior to a road closure. This is to allow for objections from the public to be received and considered by Council.

Your application will be passed on to WestLink BOP who are contracted to process and approve these applications on behalf of Council.

Please note: Council reserves the right to decline any road closure application. Road closures can not proceed without Council/WestLink BOP approval.

See terms and conditions on the application form.

For further information, contact the Engineering Systems Technician on 07 571 8008.

Objection to a road closure

Any person affected by a road closure may lodge an objection to Council.  Objections must be lodged  at least 28 calendar days before the proposed closure for Council's consideration.  Objections can be emailed through to the Customer Service Team.  For more information on the process, go to Transport Regulations 1965.






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