Seal Extensions

​​​There are 1,052km of local roads in the Western Bay District. Of the total 190km remain unsealed with 53 lengths totalling 85 km having more than 50 vehicle movements per day.

Roads with less than 50 vehicle movements per day do not qualify for Council funded seal extension works under the Seal Extension policy. 

The sealing of unsealed roads in the District is determined in order of priority by an assessment of each road under the following criteria:

  • The volume of traffic the road carries - 40%

  • The dust exposure to residents living on the road - 25%

  • The degree of benefit gained relative to the cost of sealing the road - 20%

  • The impact on earnings any dust may have (such as dust on crops like kiwifruit) - 15%

On Thursday, 14 July 2016, Council's Operations Committee adopted the revised criteria above. Under the new criteria 23 unsealed roads have been prioritised for seal extensions over the next four to five years, from 2016-2021, totalling 30km.  

The indicative cost to undertake seal extension works on low volume roads is around $260,000-$300,000 per km. The costs are influenced by land purchase requirements, land use and expected vehicle loadings, the existing alignments and topography, service relocations, consent conditions, drainage requirements, entranceway numbers and intersections.

View the updated list of roads here​ - PDF

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