Rural Address Property Identification (RAPID)

​​​If you were to experience a 111 emergency at your rural property, how easy would you be to find.

Back in June 2009, Council embarked on a district-wide audit of rural numbering in response to police, fire, ambulance services, residents and staff raising their concerns.

The system used by Council is known as RAPID (Rural Address Property Identification) and is worked out on the number of metres each property is from the start of your road to the entrance to your house, minus the last digit. For example, if your driveway is 2213 metres from the start of your road, your number will be 221. Odd numbers are on the left and even numbers on the right.

If you have any concerns regarding your rural identification number, you can either contact Council by email or phone the Customer Services team on 07 571 8008.

Council is guided by Australian/New Zealand Standard 4819:2011. The objective of this Standard is to provide Council with a comprehensive guide that encompasses all aspects of rural and urban addressing. As such this Standard incorporates and makes references to a number of existing standards and jurisdictional guidelines relating to different aspects of addressing.

Application Form for Rural Address Property Identification Number (RAPID) ​(PDF, 198KB)

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