Mapi - Tips & User Guide


​Once you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions when you start Mapi you can start by entering a property address in the upper right hand corner “search for map features” box, enter, then the results will display on the left hand side.

The Online Help “?” has plenty of useful information on how to use the map viewer features. You can also download the Mapi User Guide that shows you how to do the common tasks.

How do I navigate around the map?

To Pan, use the "Pan" button, hover over the map and hold your left mouse button down and move the map in any direction. When you release the mouse the map will redraw. Note: If NO tools are selected the "Mouse Arrow" acts in the same way as the "Pan" tool.

To Zoom In/Out, use the "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out" buttons. You can also scroll your mouse wheel in and out.

How do I find my property?

Launch MAPI.

Enter an address eg "130 Jellicoe Street" in the "Search for map features..." box in the top right corner.

Press in the search box or press ENTER to start the search. A list of results will appear in the left.

To zoom on the Property, click on result.

Double click on the result to get Additional Details.

Where are the underground services in my street?

Find your property as per instructions above.

Click on the "I want to..." button and click on the "Turn map data ON/OFF" button.

Tick the check box beside the "Utilities" group layer. To turn sub-layers ON/OFF, click the "+" next to the check box to expand the group.

How do I find a zone within the Proposed District Plan?

Turn on the "District Plan" group layer as per the instructions above.

Right click on the map and choose "What's Here". The zone will be displayed in the results window on the left.

How do I print a map of my property?

Click on the "I want to..." button and click the "Create a printable map" button.

Select your Layout, Output format, print Resolution, the Map Scale and type in map titles.

Click the "Create File" button. When the print is ready, click the "Open File" button which opens a new web browser with the newly created Property Map.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that this map viewer is not a commercial application and therefore cannot be reused for commercial purposes or its information on-sold. If you would like commercial maps, data or have any mapping requests, please contact Customer Services on 571 8008. This map viewer only contains basic property information and if more detailed property information is required, a L​IM (Land Information Memorandum)​ should be requested.

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