Digital Property Files


​​Manual/paper based property files are no longer kept on site at the Western Bay of Plenty District Council offices.

Property files will only be provided in a digital format i.e. you will no longer be able to view a manual/paper based property file.

Can I order an electronic property file?

Yes, but you’ll need to allow some time for us to gather the information for you. You will be able to order a file by clicking on the ‘Order Online’ button below, or by contacting any Council Service Centre. A complete digital file will be available to you within 3 - 5 working days following your request, or as negotiated with you depending on the size of the property file you require. Please note Council does not accept liability from any losses arising from a failure to meet the agreed timeframes. However, if we don’t deliver within the specified or agreed timeframes a full refund will apply. Please note: the end of the first working day will be 5pm the day after receipt of the completed request.

Is there a cost and why?

Yes, when placing an order online you will be required to pay a $30 fee in advance, unless other arrangements have been made, for example you may be an existing business account holder. This fee is for a downloadable file only.  If you also require the file to be provided on a portable digital media (USB) for pick-up from any Councils service centres an additional fee of $5 is required.  If you also require the electronic file (USB) couriered to an address within New Zealand, a further delivery fee of $5 will apply. Please allow at least 2 days for delivery.

If I require part of the property file,  can I still get a paper copy of that Part?

Yes, if the property file is already digitised we will be able to print off a few pages e.g. a Code Compliance Certificate (copying charges will apply).

Where can I get further information?

Please contact our customer service team during normal business hours on 571 8008 or email and/or keep an eye out for further updates as this important initiative progresses.

Key things to remember

  • Only digital property files will be provided.

  • Property files must be provided in that format to minimise the risk of incomplete information being provided.

  • It will take 3 - 5 days to provide the information; some large files may take longer.

  • You will need to order the file in advance of when you require it.

Please click on the 'Order Online' button below to begin the ordering process.

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