Rural mailbox requirements


Your rural mail will be delivered if your mailbox:

  • ​​has a minimum size of 400mm deep x 270mm wide x 270mm high, with a flag fitted to indicate mail is awaiting collection

  • provides access by a front-opening, non-locking hinged door and fitted with a mail slot large enough for large magazines to be placed inside without bending or opening the door. The mail slot should be no less than 250mm x 30mm. Mail should drop out of sight to keep it secure

  • is located to allow easy, all-weather access and positioned so your Rural Post owner-driver can reach it without leaving their vehicle. The best location may not always be by your gate. It‘s important you comply with local bylaws, traffic regulations and phone/power cable requirements. Please discuss your options with your Rural Post owner-driver before constructing your mailbox

  • has the street/road number of your property (if available) clearly printed on the box in numerals at least 25mm high. Local Authorities are progressively allocating numbers to all properties in their area and your property may already have a number allocated. If not, or if you would prefer to use your name, please feature your initials and surname, or company name.

The recommended height of your mailbox mail slot is between 1m and 1.2m from the ground. This allows easy and safe access without the Rural Post owner-driver having to get out of their vehicle.

You can buy a purpose-built rural mailbox from selected retail and hardware outlets.

Page reviewed: 30 May 2017 3:46pm