Tell me about my rates

Understanding your rates, and what you get for them, is an important part of being a property owner. We understand this, and aim to make the complicated world of rates as crystal clear as we can for our ratepayers.

In this Rates section you'll find everything you need to know about rates in the Western Bay - including payment options, rating explanations, what you get for your rates, and a series of frequently asked questions.

See the headings below or to the left for more information. But first, here's a little background about Western Bay rates.

A little background

The rating year is from 1 July to 30 June.  Rates invoices are mailed to property owners each September and February.

Rates are Council's main source (69%) of income for providing and maintaining essential services for residents throughout the District. Western Bay's rating system is designed to provide for district-wide rates and rates for specific activities in a particularly area, or an 'area of benefit'. 

Other ways Council can get income to deliver services and facilities are:

  • Fees and charges including targeted water supply rates – 6%
  • Financial contributions – 9%
  • Subsidies and grants – 10%
  • Other income – 6%
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