What are my rates paying for?

The Western Bay District covers 212,000 hectares, 202km of harbour and 55km of ocean beach. Maintaining and providing essential services from one end of the District to the other isn't cheap.

Council maintains more than 1056km of local road, and 159.7km of footpath. We have 222 parks and reserves that cater for more than 1000 games every year. We have four libraries that offer more than 82,826 items for borrowing.

​We provide nearly 40 services, from animal control and recycling centres, to safe water, playgrounds and pensioner housing.

For further information please read our 2018-2019 rates brochure. ​ 

This graph gives you an idea of how rates are shared across different areas of benefit to the community.


What do they all mean?

Representation - This includes the leadership and direction provided to the organisation and wider community by the Mayor, Councillors and community boards. It also includes the advisory role provided by Tangata Whenua, and democracy services internally.

Roading rate - Encompasses all roading costs, including general maintenance and repairs, key roading projects, seal extensions, town centre upgrades, footpaths, cycleways, parking areas, and more.

Planning for the future - Making sure our District is vibrant, safe, prosperous, and environmentally friendly is important. This includes policy & planning, resource management, and planning for infrastucture, e.g. projects such as SmartGrowth and Special Housing Areas.

Supporting the community - This is about growing sustainable and resilient communities. We provide places to learn, meet and socialise such as community halls, parks and libraries, and encourage communities to be prepared through various civil defence measures.

Regulatory services - Includes activities such as animal control, resource consents, building consents, and community protection.

Natural environment - Includes environmental education programmes and initiatives, support and a small amount of funding for community-based environmental projects, and fencing subsidies.

Stormwater - Stormwater systems are built to protect buildings and property from the effects of flooding and coastal erosion. Our systems include primary and secondary 'overland flow paths', stormwater detention, and stormwater treatment.

Water supply - We supply safe drinking water to about 41,000 people through the water infrastucture we have operating in the District.

Sewerage - Lessening the impact of human activity on the natural environment, through solid waste strategies and initiatives. This includes the safe disposal of sewerage.

Economic development - This focuses on promoting the standard of living and economic health of a specific area.

Recycling centres and landfill - This provides for three recycling and waste centres, a greenwaste drop off centre, education programmes, ongoing maintenance of three closed landfills, and the monitoring of illegal dumping across the District.

Corporate services - A number of internal corporate servces support the delivery of services and activities to the community, including customer services, communications, IT, quality and risk management, and finance.

Want to Learn more?

Listed below are the services Council provides year-round. To find out more about a given service, click on the link.

​Safe water supplySports fieldsReserves​Marae maintenance - Currently under review
​Stormwater drainage​Public toilets - Currently under reviewBuilding servicesCommunity safety programmes
​Street cleaning - Currently under review​Cemetaries​Freedom camping sites​Libraries
​Recycling centres​Dog controlHousing for the elderlyInformation centres
​Sewage disposal - Currently under reviewRural fire managementCommunity halls​Community arts activities - Currently under development
​Roads​Parking​Economic promotion - Currently under developmentCivil defence
​Footpaths - Currently under development​District planning​Road safety projects - Currently under development​Community grants
​Street plantings - Currently under developmentNoise control​Events - Currently under development​Environmental protection
​Entertainment venuesParks​Food premises inspectionsSwimming pools
Alcohol permitsWalking tracks​Boat ramps - Currently under development


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