What do all the different rates mean?

​Rates are Council's main source of income for providing and maintaining essential services.

Rates provide for both District-wide and local activities. Local activities are typically defined by an 'area of benefit'. This generally includes properties that could or do benefit from the services provided - for example, wastewater.

District-wide rates

As a property owner in the Western Bay you pay the following District-wide rates:

General Rate
This is based on capital value and is used to cover costs associated with the day-to-day running of Council operations.

Uniform Annual General Charge
For every rateable property, owners are required to pay a UAGC. For 2018/2019 this is $245. This money is used for the same purposes as the General Rate.

District Library Charge
This rate is used to fund library services throughout the District.

Every property owner pays a Roading Rate (based on land value) and a Roading Charge. Rural property owners also pay a Rural Works Rate which is used to fund roading projects
in rural areas.

Environmental Protection Rate
This is a fixed charge per property. The income is used to pay for Council initiatives to protect the environment and community health - including a proportion of wastewater and solid waste costs and environmental planning.

Localised rates

Depending on where your property is located, you may also pay one or more of the following:

Community Board Rate - Properties located in a Community Board area pay this rate.

Community Hall - Council helps fund the operating and maintenance of a number of community halls across the District. If you live in one of the identified areas of benefit you pay the rate for that hall. 

Gilbraltar Water Scheme - Te Puke - This rate is paid by all properties receiving water from this scheme, as identified by the scheme's directors.

Katikati Promotion - this is used to fund the promotion of Katikati, and is paid by all rateable properties within the Katikati Community Board area. Commercially-zoned properties also pay an additional rate.

Katikati Resource Centre Charge - properties in the Katikati/Waihi Beach Ward pay this rate to fund the operation of this community facility.

Katikati Town Centre Development - properties within the Katikati Community Board area pay this rate to fund town centre activities.

Omokoroa Greenwaste - a fixed charge per property in the Omokoroa Community Board area, to fund the greenwaste disposal facility.

Omokoroa Town Centre - property owners within the Omokoroa Community Board area pay this rate to fund town centre activities.

Pukehina Beach Protection Rate - Pukehina property owners pay this rate to fund Pukehina Beach protection works.

Pukehina Development Fund - Pukehina property owners pay this rate for the development of infrastructure in the area.

Solid Waste - this is a fixed rate per property based on location. It covers costs for solid waste facilities across the District, including recycling centres and ongoing remedial work at closed dump sites.

Stormwater - you are required to pay a stormwater charge if your property is located in a defined stormwater catchment.

Te Puke Promotion - all separately rateable properties in the Maketu/Te Puke Ward pay this rate, used to fund the promotion of Te Puke through Te Puke Economic Development Group. Commercially-zoned properties in the Te Puke Community Board area pay an additional rate.

Te Puna Library - properties in the Te Puna School catchment pay this rate which contributes to operating costs of the Te Puna Library.

Waihi Beach Coastal Protection Rate - depending on the location of a property in the Waihi Beach Ward area, property owners pay the following:

  • Beachfront behind the rock revetment in the defined area of benefit (capital): $1,313.60
  • Rock Revetment area of benefit (operational): $166.37 (note, properties that elected to pay the lump sum contribution are only charged an operational rate).
  • In the defined area of benefit for dune work around Shaw Road: $606.34
  • In the defined area of benefit for dune works around Glen Isla Place: $624.53
  • All properties within the Waihi Beach Community Board area: $14.10
Waihi Beach Events and Promotion - Property owners in the Waihi Beach Community Board pay this rate to provide funding for Waihi Beach Events and Promotions. This organisation focuses on promoting Waihi Beach as a destination and coordinating events in the local area.

Waihi Land Drainage - properties in the Little Waihi area benefitting from drainage works pay this rate.

Wastewater Multiple Pan Charge - This charge is for non-residential properties with more than one toilet. The purpose of the charge is to recover the cost of providing capacity within Council's wastewater system to cope with the potential additional load. Residential properties that have more than one dwelling on their property may also be subject to this charge. 

The Multiple Pan Wastewater Remission Policy provides fair and reasonable relief to property owners who have wastewater charges greater than a domestic household based on the presence of multiple pans, but who believe that their wastewater charges are not a true reflection of their actual use of Council's wastewater treatment facilities.

Water and Wastewater - if your property receives Council water and/or wastewater services - or is located in an area where these services are available - you pay this service/availability rate.



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