District Plan and Resource Consents

​The Resource Management Act 1991 makes it compulsory for councils to have a district plan.

The plan sets out what activities the community has decided you do or don't need a consent for, and sets the standards that must be met for certain types of activities.

Generally speaking, the plan affects new development or change to the use of land and buildings. Many things can be done 'as of right', while others require Council approval.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council issues two types of resource consent covering land use and subdivisions.

You only need to apply for a Land Use Resource Consent if a building or proposed activity doesn't comply with the current district plan.

You need a Subdivision Resource Consent if a new section is to be created from an existing section, or you're planning to adjust the boundary of your property.

Overlooking Te Puna and Omokoroa 

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