Compliance and Monitoring


​Council's Compliance and Monitoring team ensure that conditions applied to resource consents are checked and respond to compliance queries and complaints about activities that may not comply with the District Plan rules.

Are Resource Consent decisions monitored?

When Council grants a consent there are conditions detailed in the consent decision that need to be complied with.  Resource consents that have environmental effects will have more conditions. For example, there may be conditions related to landscape planting, earthworks or other construction effects management, noise controls, or other conditions to manage the effects that might arise when the resource consent is undertaken.The conditions vary depending on the consent but generally include requirements such as:

  • Notifying Council when works start
  • Completing work within set timeframes
  • Ensuring that the business or consented activity manages its impact, e.g. on neighbours or the environment.
  • Advising when certain steps have been taken, e.g. landscape planting
  • Having aspects of the activity signed off by Council staff, e.g. drainage works

Council's compliance and monitoring team check how resource consent conditions are being met by reviewing information provided by consent holders and carrying out routine inspections.  There are standard fees for a consent holder associated with the cost of monitoring which are referred to within the resource consent decision and can be found in our fees and charges.  Costs of monitoring will vary depending on the requirements in the consent, e.g. where annual monitoring is required, or where the consent requires multiple site visits.

What if an activity doesn't comply with a resource consent or District Plan?

If an activity doesn't meet the conditions of a resource consent or an activity doesn't have a resource consent and breaches a rule in the District Plan, the compliance and monitoring team will take certain steps to achieve compliance.  The compliance and monitoring team respond to compliance enquiries, complaints and concerns from the public and act to resolve the issues arising.

If you would like to make contact with a member of the compliance and monitoring team you can call through Councils customer service team on 07 571 8008.

Page reviewed: 19 Nov 2018 4:10pm