Operative District Plan 2012 (Current)



The Operative District Plan 201​2 is the culmination of the District Plan First Review (a review of the previous Operative District Plan 2002).

It became operative on 16 June 2012 except for specific provisions relating to Matakana Island which became operative on 19 December 2015 following the resolution of appeals against the District Plan First Review and Plan Change 46/Variation 2 – Matakana Island.

The following Plan Changes are operative and have been incorporated into the Operative District Plan 2012:

  • Plan Changes 1-9, 11-53 and 56-80

The following Plan Changes have been withdrawn:

  • Plan Changes 10, 54 and 55
  • Plan Change 76 (part of)

The following Plan Changes are currently proposed:

Legal status of plan changes

The proposed provisions of a Plan Change take legal effect once decisions are released, however, any proposed provision must be treated as operative (before or after decisions) if it is beyond challenge e.g. if the time for making submissions or appeals has closed and there are no submissions in opposition to it or appeals lodged against it, or if any appeals lodged against it have been resolved.

  • Legal effect means any proposed provision must be considered, and if any proposed provision requires resource consent, this consent must be sought. The proposed provision is then given weight relative to any existing provision.
  • Treated as operative means the provision is in full effect but is yet to be made formally operative (this requires public notification).

Note: All the documents below are in pdf format. The file sizes vary with the largest being 3MB.


Table of Contents


Section 1 - Plan Overview
Section 2 - Issues Overview
Section 3 - Definitions
Section 4A - General
Section 4B - Transportation Access and Parking
Section 4C - Amenity
Section 4D - Signs
Section 5 - Natural Environment
Section 6 - Landscape
Section 7 - Historic Heritage
Section 8 - Natural Hazards
Section 9 - Hazardous Substances
Section 10 - Infrastructure, Network Utilities & Designations
Section 11 - Financial Contributions
Section 12 - Subdivision & Development
Section 13 - Residential
Section 14 - Medium Density Residential
Section 15 - Future Urban
Section 16 - Rural-Residential
Section 17 - Lifestyle
Section 18 - Rural
Section 19 - Commercial
Section 20 - Commercial Transition
Section 21 - Industrial
Section 22 - Post Harvest
Section 23 - All Terrain Park


Appendix 1 - Schedule of Identified Significant Ecological Features
Appendix 2 - Schedule of Identified Outstanding Landscape Features
Appendix 3 - Schedule of Identified Significant Historic Heritage Features
Appendix 4 - Schedule of Proposed Esplanade Reserves & Strips
Appendix 5 - Schedule of Designations
Appendix 6 - Hazardous Facility Assessment

Appendix 7 - Structure Plans (Split into sections due to file size)

Table of Contents
Section 1: Waihi Beach
Section 2: Katikati
Section 3: Katikati Lifestyle Zone
Section 4: Omokoroa Structure Plan
Section 5: Tides Reach Rural-Residential
Section 6: Minden Lifestyle Zone
Section 7: Te Puna Business Park
Section 8 and 9: Te Puke Structure Plan/Te Puke Lifestyle Zone
Section 10: Te Puke West Industrial
Section 11: Rangiuru Business Park
Section 12: Comvita Campus


Road Name Index



Purchasing a District Plan and/or maps

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Costs are (including GST):
Text - $120
Maps - $160

Future updates to these are included in this initial cost.​


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