Making a Resource Consent Application


​​​​​​Application forms

Application​ Form​​ (all resource consent and related planning applications (RMA, LGA, HASHAA) (PDF, 1.4MB)
Exemption Statement Form (PDF, 211KB)
Submission Form - Application for Resource Consent (PDF, 66KB)
Written Approval of Affected Persons​ (PDF, 59KB)
Written Approval for Affected Persons - Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity (PDF, 148KB)
Schedule of Asset Values Form (EXL 38KB)

Required information to provide with your application 

​Before submitting your application form, please ensure you have included the relevant information required for your application. 

​Information required to provide with your application​ ​(PDF 7MB)​

​Applying for a resource consent

​​You can apply for a resource consent yourself or you can engage a professional to lodge an application with Council on your behalf.  

A resource consent can be lodged with Council by post, email: or delivery to one of our service centres.  

There is specific information requirements depending on the type of resource consent application you require.  It is in your best interest to submit a well prepared application, which covers all aspects of your proposal. This will save you both time and processing costs.

A resource consent application will also require the payment of a fee for processing. Full details on fees and charges are available here.

If you are submitting an application electronically and you have large files to attach you can submit this information via ShareFile.  It is important that an email to the consents administration team is sent at the same time to advise that information has been submitted and document titling helps identify what the file documents relate to.  

Document naming that includes the applicant name, site address, and Council reference (if applicable) will ensure this information is assigned in a timely manner for further action.

We always recommend you make contact with us before making an application to discuss your proposal and the consenting process.  ​

Duty Planner service 


The resource consent and building processes can be complex and time consuming for customers who are not planners, surveyors, architects, builders, engineers or other parties experienced in the process on a daily basis.

Council is able to provide assistance early on in the process before any development commitments are made so you have a full understanding of all of the issues relevant to any development you are proposing.

We too often see the unfortunate consequences of an uninformed development proceeding that conflicts with the many different sets of legislation Council is required to administer. In these situations it can sometimes be too late to assist in any meaningful fashion other than as an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

Council provides a Duty Planner service where quick, high-level information on the rules in the District Plan are discussed by phone call, in person and via email. We do advise that these discussions are based on what information is provided to the Duty Planner who may not have the project knowledge at that time, although the Duty Planner is available to talk to your surveyor, designer or architect as required.
The Duty Planner can be contacted through our customer service team on 07 571 8008, or by emailing​ or by popping into Council’s head office at Barkes Corner in Greerton.​

Pre application service – package of plans 

​Where your project is particularly complex or large, often you would engage a professional to assist and you should expect that professional to know all of the issues, however it is still beneficial to engage with Council early in the process, even when professionals are employed.

There are occasions where a project may appear simple but runs into complex issues as it progresses. A good example would be where a project will need to comply with multiple pieces of legislation. Building or converting a commercial premises to provide for mixed residential and commercial use -  further complicated if a commercial use considered might be the sale of liquor, or as a food premises. Wouldn’t it be better to know all of the regulatory issues before an investment decision is made rather than after?

We suggest that a meeting with Council and your agent(s) would be beneficial. These meetings provide a greater opportunity to meet with the relevant Council staff across a number of disciplines such as utility and transportation engineers, reserve management staff, urban design specialists, building control officials, and the consents and policy planning staff. 

This is Council’s ‘package of plans’ approach. We’ve targeted this approach at the development community with successful results.

We think it’s important that we provide this option to a broader customer group who may only interact with Council once or twice – our aim being to ensure a smooth and successful outcome that is understood by customers from the outset.

Many other councils hold ‘pre-application meetings’, but often at the point where proposals are well advanced and the focus is more about ensuring adequate scoping of environmental assessment effects.

Our package of plans model allows customers to engage early with staff to discuss possible subdivisions or potential land-use development, which initially may be no more than a hand drawn sketch.

The benefits of this approach:
  • ​This process of meeting(s) is at no cost to the applicant
  • Council staff involved with the consent application become fully informed about the proposed development
  • There should be no surprises for the applicant or Council who should be able to process any applications in a shorter time
  • Any concerns regarding the proposed development are discussed and resolved prior to lodgement of the particular applications
  • The customer and/or their ‘agent’ can finalise the development concept and consent application with more confidence, knowing where they stand with Council regarding the proposed development
  • Consent applications can be finalised with lists of conditions understood by the applicant. ​

Land development consultants ​


A land development consultant is involved professionally in one of the following disciplines of land surveying, resource management/planning consultation, civil engineering or a combination.

The following is a list of resource management and subdivision (land development) consultants based in the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty area. The following list does not constitute a recommendation on behalf of the Western Bay of Plenty District Council.  

​Land Development Consultants​ (PDF 62KB)

For a more comprehensive list of consultants, please refer to the Yellow Pages​New Zealand Planning Institute​ and/or New Zealand Institute of Surveyors​.​​


Land development consultants provide:

  • ​​expert advice and/or preparation of resource consent ap​plications under the Resource Management Act 1991
  • ​​​independent, comprehensive and objective appraisal
  • additional resources and assistance where you have limited capacity or time available to complete the task
  • expert evidence at local authority or Environment Court hearings​

Minden Lot availability ​

UPDATED 17 May 2019

The Minden Lifestyle Zone is currently limited to a certain number of new lots to ensure intesections with the State Highway do not exceed capacity. The table below shows how many new lots are still available. Please consider this before making an application. 

Minden Lifestyle Structure Plan Staging Requirements/Availability

​1a - Minden Road​953
​1b - Ainsworth Road​29​2
​1c - Munro Road / Te Puna Quarry Road​1032
​2 -  Wairoa Road​300

Note: Table per rule 17.4.2(d)(ii)
           Data is updated based on applications received​

Page reviewed: 17 May 2019 11:33am