Hapu/Iwi Management Plans


​What is a Hapū/Iwi Management Plan?

A Hapū/Iwi management plan is a document that is developed and approved by hapū and/or iwi. These plans are generally prepared as an expression of rangatiratanga (self-determination) and are written statements by hapū/iwi identifying important issues regarding the use of natural and physical resources in an area.

Hapū/Iwi management plans recognised by an iwi authority provide a mechanism in which Tangata Whenua interests can be considered in Council processes. There are specific legislative requirements which place a duty on council staff to take into account these plans.

For further information about Hapu/Iwi Management Plans (PDF, 500KB)

Funding for Hapū/Iwi Management Plans & Application form

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council recognises the importance of Hapū/Iwi planning documents and has allocated annual funding to allow these plans to be developed or reviewed. All eligible funding applications will be carefully considered.

For further information about funding see the Hapu/Iwi Management Plans brochure (PDF, 500KB)

Application form for Hapu-Iwi Funding (PDF, 119KB)

Criteria for application

  1. Only hapū/iwi with land interests in the Western Bay of Plenty District Council boundaries shall be eligible to apply.

  2. Applications must be submitted in writing on the appropriate application form, and signed by a person duly authorised by the hapū and/or iwi.

  3. The Resource Management Act 1991 section 74(2A) requires the proposed planning document to be recognised by the relevant iwi authority and endorsed by a wide representation of the hapū/iwi (i.e. provide a copy of minutes of hui ā-hapū or iwi).

  4. Funding will only be paid to an established entity such as a marae committee, hapū trust, iwi authority or consultant acting on behalf of a hapū/iwi.

  5. A copy of the final plan will be lodged with Council and made available to the public (a link to the Plan will be placed on Council’s website).

  6. Priority will be given to the development of NEW plans and plans that have a broad focus on promoting the environmental, cultural, social and economic wellbeing of the hapū/iwi.

  7. The recipients of hapū/iwi management plan funding are encouraged to progress the development of relationship protocols with Council in conjunction with the development of plans.

  8. For further information contact our Takawaenga Māori team on 07 571 8008 or email kaitakawaenga.maori@westernbay.govt.nz

Plans that have been lodged with Council

Te Mana Taiao o Ngai Tamarawaho 2013 (PDF, 1.53MB)

Ngai Te Ahi Hapu Management Plan 2013 (PDF, 3.20MB)

Matakana & Rangiwaea Islands Hapu Management Plan 2011 (PDF, 9.05MB)

Te Awaroa: Ngati Kahu Hapu Management Plan 2011 (PDF, 1.27MB)

Te Awanui Harbour Management Plan 2004 (PDF, 10.1MB)

Pirirakau Hapu Management Plan 2004 (PDF, 0.7MB)

Tapuika Iwi Management Plan (Links to Tapuika website)


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