Coastal Quick Evacuation Maps

​The BayHazards map is designed to assist residents in their emergency planning in the event of a a number of natural disasters.

Alternatively you can download evacuation maps from Civil Defence.

Event has different characteristics, so the maps should not be used as the only information tool to assist you in planning.

For a printed copy either download the map from Civil Defence or come and visit Council at any of our service centres (Waihi Beach, Katikati, Omokoroa, Barkes Corner and Te Puke).

Always listen to your radio for information and advice from the civil defence authorities during an emergency.

As important information comes to hand you will be informed and kept updated. Practice your evacuation plan and ensure others in your immediate family are also aware of it.

We're a district with many settlements on the coast and because of this tsunami remains the Western Bay's greatest threat.

It’s worth repeating the maps are a guide only, if the warning time permits (greater than 1 hour) then move further inland away from the coast.

Where do I find information about my area?

For information on what to do if a natural hazard happens in your area check out the BayHazards map by Civil Defence.

You can also visit and type in the name of your area to view all natural disaster plans relevant to your part of the Western Bay.

Page reviewed: 26 Sep 2017 2:17pm