Cemetery Headstones

​All above-ground grave structures, enclosures, memorial headstones and other
monuments require council-issues consent to be installed. They must also be kept in good order and repair by the purchasers of the plots, or their representatives.

The Council may carry out regular inspections of memorial headstones and other
monuments to ensure they present no danger or inconvenience to the
public and Council’s maintenance contractors.

Subject to the provisions of the Burial and Cremation (Removal of Monuments
and Tablets) Regulations 1967, the Council –

  1. may remove an installation of any kind that has fallen into a state of
    decay or disrepair; and
  2. may remove any item that did not receive consent under clause 6.1; and
  3. must take a photographic record of the installation before it is removed
    and the photographic record must be retained in the Council’s cemetery

Before any monumental work commences a drawing and specification of the
proposed monument must be submitted to Council for approval.

Where the Council designates land for a Memorial Park or Berm Cemetery,
headstones and other monuments may only be erected subject to conditions
specified by the Council.

Memorial Headstone Application Form

Dimensions for Memorial Headstones

Katikati Remembrance Wall Application Form

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