Code Compliance Certificate

When your building project is complete,  you will need to apply​ for a Code Compliance Certificate. This certificate means the building work complies with the Building C​​​ode and the building conse​​nt. A fee is charged for issuing the Code Compliance Certificate.

When you apply for a Code Compliance Certificate you need to give names and contact details for all people involved in your project -  e.g. builders, plumbers, engineers. If the project involved restricted building work, the licensed building practitioner must supply a ‘Memorandum from Licensed Building Practitioner: Record of building work’ on completion of the work to both the owner and Council. This form can be downloaded from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Building and Housing Group website​.

You may also be required to supply supporting documentation such as Energy Work Certificates or a PS4 (Engineer’s producer statement) before the certificate can be issued.

Your application will be processed within 20 days of a successful final inspection, unless additional information or inspections are required. As with the Building Consent, the 20-day clock will be paused when we request any additional information and will be restarted once we receive all the requested information. 

We may be unable to issue the certificate if any of the required inspections have been missed or the required producer statements cannot be provided.  Without a Code Compliance Certificate you may experience difficulties insuring your property or selling it in the future.

Long delays between when the building work is completed and when the certificate is applied for can cause complications, delays, additional fees and other unnecessary expenses for home owners.

In some circumstances we may refuse to issue a Code Compliance Certificate, for example if we are unable to determine whether the building work has been completed in accordance with the Building Code or where you fail to supply the required documentation.

If your Code Compliance Certificate is refused, you have a right of appeal against our decision by applying to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment for a determination under section 177 of the Building Act 2004.​

 Code Compliance Certificate Application - Apply via  online services page.

Certificate Public Use Application - Apply via  online services page.

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