Freedom Camping


We are currently reviewing our Freedom Camping Bylaw. For more information and to have your say on the changes please click here.​

​Where can I camp?

There are about 50 different places you can freedom camp in the Western Bay. Maps of these locations are listed below.

Key Requirements
No person may freedom camp for more than three nights in any four week consecutive period at any one site.  The four consecutive weeks begin from the first overnight stay.  This excludes TECT All Terrain Park.

Please ensure you read the the Freedom Camping Bylaw 2012 (as amended in 2015), for a list of areas where freedom camping is permitted or prohibited.

Freedom Camping in tents at TECT All Terrain Park is only permitted as per section 4.2 (c) of the Bylaw.  Please ensure you also check the TECT All Terrain Park Alerts page for any further restrictions.

All sites are restricted to 'Self Contained' vehicles only. Please park in the designated parking areas and respect other reserve users.

For further information, you can contact our Customer Services team via email or phone on 0800 926 732. Enjoy your stay!

Maps of Approved areas

All sites shown on this index map are approved for freedom camping in the District.

01 - Pohutukawa Park (PDF, 285KB)25 - Huharua Park (PDF, 254KB)
02 - Brighton Reserve  (PDF, 262KB)26 - Waitui Reserve (PDF, 346KB)
03 - Waihi Beach Community Centre (PDF, 267KB)27 - Maramatanga Park (PDF, 285KB)
04 - Island View Reserve (PDF, 304KB)28 - Maramatanga Park (Tennis) (PDF, 293KB)
05 - Tuna Ave Island View Esplanade Reserve (PDF, 271KB)29 - Te Puna Station Road Reserve (PDF, 255KB)
06 - Bowentown Domain  Formed Carpark (PDF, 300KB)30 - Wairoa River Road Reserve (PDF, 321KB)
07 - Bowentown Domain (Anzac Bay) (PDF, 277KB)31 - Puketoki Scenic Reserve (PDF, 299KB)
08 - Tanners Point Utility  Reserve (PDF, 277KB)32 - Kaiate Falls Scenic Reserve (PDF, 344KB)
09 - Tuapiro Reserve (PDF, 267KB)33 - TECT All Terrain Park (Motorhome) (PDF, 592KB)
​​10 - McMillan Road Reserve (PDF, 302KB)34 - TECT Park Equestrian Sub Hub (PDF, 287KB)
11 - Kauri Point Historic Reserve (PDF, 265KB)35 - Centennial Park (PDF, 323KB)
12 - Lindemann Lookout Reserve (PDF, 527KB)36 - Hayward Park (PDF, 276KB)
13 - Uretara Domain (PDF, 480KB)37 - Donovan - Pioneer Park (PDF, 307KB)
14 - Moore Park (PDF, 480KB)38 - Landscape Road (PDF, 371KB)
15 - Vessey Stewart Reserve (PDF, 340KB)39 - Jubilee Park (PDF, 322KB)
16 - Haiku Park (PDF 424KB)40 - Paengaroa Domain (PDF, 293KB)
17 - Digglemann Park (PDF,  270KB)41 - Maketu Surf Club Reserve (PDF, 328KB)
18 - MacMillan Reserve (PDF, 305KB)42 - Park Road Maketu (PDF, 296KB)
19 - Hunter Estate Reserve (PDF, 263KB)43 - Dotterel Point Reserve (PDF, 320KB)
20 - Apata Hall (Old Site) (PDF, 299KB)44 - Motunau Park (PDF, 320KB)
21 - Pahoia Domain (PDF, 292KB)45 - Midway Park (PDF, 301KB)
22 - Omokoroa Domain (PDF, 266KB)46 - Poutuia Park (PDF, 317KB)
23 - Cooney Reserve (PDF, 284KB)47 - Otamarakau Beach Access (PDF, 307KB)
24 - Omokoroa Sportsground (PDF, 500KB)48 - Omokoroa Wastewater Plant (PDF, 525KB)

Effluent Dump Stations

These are indicated on:

Map 04 - Island View Reserve (PDF, 304KB)
Map 13 - Uretara Domain (PDF 294KB)
Map 22 - Omokoroa Domain (PDF, 266KB)
Map 39 - Jubilee Park (PDF, 294KB)
Map 48 - Omokoroa Wastewater Treatment Plant  (PDF, 525KB)

Freedom Camping Bylaw Review December 2015

Council reviewed its Freedom Camping Bylaw in 2015, prompted by feedback received during our 2015-2025 Long Term Plan process. The main focus of the review was freedom camping at Anzac Bay, Bowentown, Waihi Beach.

The review received more than 200 pieces of feedback, from both written and verbal submissions during two Have Your Say sessions.

The results of the review were adopted on 17 December.   See amended version: Freedom Camping Bylaw 2012 - Amended in 2015

View a summary of the feedback here.

Review results:

Anzac Bay

Following the review, overnight freedom camping in certified self-contained vehicles is now prohibited at Anzac Bay from the beginning of the third weekend in December, up to and including 10 February each year.

The area available for overnight camping during the rest of the year has been reduced to a space at the western end of the central parking island. Signage is in place to help.

Note: motorhomes are still allowed to park at Anzac Bay during the day time.

View the new map for Anzac Bay, Bowentown.

New Prohibited Locations

Council also permanently prohibited freedom camping at:

  • Ngamuwahine Esplanade Reserves, Ngamuwahine Rd

  • Wairoa River Esplanade Reserve (north of SH2 road bridge)

  • Lund Rd Reserve

  • Waihi Beach Surf Club Reserve

  • Beach Grove Recreation Reserve, Omokoroa

  • The entire length of The Esplanade, Omokoroa

  • The Esplanade Reserve between Beach Grove and the southern end of The Esplanade

  • Park Road Reserve, Katikati​ 

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