Neighbourhood Support

​Western Bay of Plenty District Council supports the aim of Neighbourhood Support and its partner the New Zealand Police in making our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places.

Neighbourhood Support works closely with police and many other organisations in our community to reduce crime, improve safety and prepare for possible emergencies and natural disasters.

The district's Neighbourhood Support Groups enable people to share information, ideas and insights. Your local Neighbourhood Support Group will:

  • Encourage neighbours to talk to each other

  • Share information that will help reduce the risk and fear of crime

  • Help foster a sense of community spirit where everyone is respected and valued

  • Educate and empower neighbours to take responsibility for their own safety

  • Identify the needs of neighbours and ways to assist each other

  • Identify the strengths and skills of neighbours to contribute to solving local problems

  • Minimise burglaries and car crime in the local area

  • Reduce graffiti, vandalism, violence and disorder

  • Support victims of crime

  • Enhance the safety features and appearance of the neighbourhood

  • Decide on ways to handle any civil emergencies that may occur

  • Know when and how to contact Police, other emergency services or support agencies

  • Liaise and co-operate with other community groups

The purpose of neighbourhood support is to prevent people becoming victims of criminal activity, particularly burglary.

For further information, contact your local Neighbourhood Support Coordinator, or Council Customer Services by email at or phone 571 8008.

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