Community Plans


​​​​​Community Plans are effective tools for capturing and prioritising the aspirations of communities and providing a 'roadmap' for how to get there. Developing a Community Plan is a comprehensive exercise that covers a broad range of community goals and issues. The process is led by the community, but Council's Community Team provide support throughout the development and implementation phases, and offer advice as to what needs to be done, and when.

Many communities in the Western Bay have undertaken this process, and found it to be a very rewarding and positive experience – you can view these plans below. If your community is interested in developing a Community Plan, the best first steps are to download our Community Planning Readiness Toolkit (PDF 5.8MB),  or contact Council’s Community Team by emailing

Katikati ​

'The New Picture'. This plan is about the people of Katikati and recognises the connections between all parts of the community, the wider district and region. It acknowledges that whatever is done in the community has an effect on many people/areas. In this context, the plan links the economy, the environment and the community.

Katikati Community Plan - 2000​ (PDF, 3.84MB)


'Ko ahau a Maketu - Ko Maketu ahau; We are Maketu - Maketu is us'.
This plan details the unique character of the Maketu community, environment, history, its cultural depth and specifies actions that will help the community shape the future.

Maketu Communi​ty Plan - 2014 Review (PDF, 541KB)
Maketu Community Plan - 2007 (PDF 4.02MB)


The Omokoroa Community Plan (2017) expresses the aspirations of the growing community of Omokoroa for the next 10 years. We live in a special part of New Zealand and all need to be active in ensuring that culture, arts, community amenities, environment, recreation and land-use keep pace with our population growth to the benefit of all residents.

Omokoroa Community Plan​​ 2017 (PDF 2.66MB)​​​
Omokoroa 20 - Year Community Development Plan 2010​ (PDF, 3.84MB)


This Plan expresses the hopes and dreams of the Paengaroa community for the next ten years and charts a pathway to make these become a reality through a community partnership with Council and involving other external agencies. The primary aim of this Plan is to empower the Paengaroa community to take ownership and control of its own future and prosperity.​

Paengaroa Community Plan 2015 - 2025 (PDF, 14.5MB)​  The 2015-2025 Paengaroa Community Plan was launched on 19 February, 2015.

Te Puke

​​The 20-year review was initially developed in 2004 to signal the direction the community wished to take economically, socially, environmentally and culturally, and detail the actions needed to achieve the goals. The 2016 Review is the result of community-wide consultation that sought comments and suggestions to further progress the 20 years plans aspirations.

Te Puke 20 Year Community Plan - 2016 Review (PDF, 1.3MB)
Te Puke 20 Year Community ​Plan - 20​04 (Previous edition - PDF 931KB) ​

Te Puna

​​​​This Plan outlines the goals of the community. The Plan helps everybody to see their part,  and collective community energy can be harnessed to protect the things they treasure. It gives strength to those who undertake, and advocate for, projects that increase wellbeing and enhance the local environment.

 This Plan seeks to offer the people of Te Puna:

  • ​​An insight in to the community aspirations and a roadmap as to how they may be achieved
  • An opportunity to test the concept and the framework for identifying, maintaining and protecting the area’s ‘rural character’ from a community perspective
  • A guide to developing a strong community and to identify significant dates and events for the next 10 years
  • The basis for ongoing relationships and co-created projects.​​

Te Puna Community Plan - 2017 (PDF 7MB)
Te Puna ​Community Plan - 2007 (Previous addition - PDF 1.6MB)

Waihi Beach

This Plan, 'Defining Our Future', considers the future of Waihi Beach in the context of its special nature as a coastal haven, a holiday destination and a vibrant township serving a passionate local community.

Waihi Beach Community Plan - 2007 (PDF, 4.88MB)

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