Track from Yeoman Walkway to Park Road Reserve


​​​​​​​Proposed Walkway/Cycleway from Yeoman Walkway to Park Road Reserve

Status Update 22 January 2019​

This provides the current status of investigations into forming the walkway/cycleway along the esplanade reserve between The Yeoman Walkway and Park Road Reserve, Katikati.  This section of reserve currently has a grassed surface, which is mown and maintained by both Council and adjoining owners, and has wet areas that are unsatisfactory in winter.  ​​​


In 2009, Council adopted its Walking & Cycling Strategy for the Western Bay of Plenty District. The strategy outlines the need to develop sustainable travel options within the District and Council's commitment to developing public walking and cycling opportunities. The maps in the strategy identify this area as a walking and cycling connection.

During the publically consulted Katikati/Waihi Beach Ward Reserve Management Plan review, undertaken in 2018, Council identified a number of walkway/cycleway initiatives within the Reserve Management Plan linked to its Walking and Cycling Strategy.

Copied below are the relevant objectives/policies from the Katikati/Waihi Beach Ward Reserve Management plan adopted in December 2018 that relate to the proposed cycleway/walkway along the esplanade reserve between The Yeoman Walkway and Park Road Reserve, Katikati.

Reserve Management Policy:

6.82.1 Continue to secure remaining areas of esplanade reserve around the Katikati Peninsula (as identified in the District Plan) to achieve continuous pedestrian access and harbour protection.

6.82.2 Where existing access over private land facilitates the coastal walkway/cycleway connection, seek to secure some form of legal formalisation of this access including access to Tutaetaka.

6.82. Manage the coastal esplanade for the protection of the natural character and wildlife values of the Tauranga Harbour.

6.82.4 Consistent with the protection of the above values provide for continuous pedestrian/cycleway linkage around the Katikati Peninsula.

6.82.5 Develop a walkway/cycleway between the Yeoman Walkway, Riverlea Drive Reserve, Levley Lane Reserve, Francis Drive Reserve and Park Road Reserve next to the retirement village. ​

Source: Page 248 of the Katikati/Waihi Beach Reserve Management Plan – 13 December 2018

​In December 2018, Council commissioned a scoping report on the feasibility of creating or forming the section of pathway identified in section 6.82.5 (above) of the Katikati/Waihi Beach Reserve Management Plan. ​​

Council has also been working with the Katikati Trails Development Group for a number of years on developing a walkway/cycleway network in and around Katikati. This collaboration has resulted in a number of new trails being created that are well used by the community.e.g._the trail between the end of Beach Road and Tamawhariua Reserve.

Current situation

At this point in time, Council has commissioned a scoping/feasibility report to identify the work required to form the walkway/cycleway, including: feasibility; environmental considerations; consenting requirements; assessment of construction material and methodology; and an estimate of costs for the project including the options of concrete or gravel surfacing.

In early January, Council received a number of letters and a petition requesting the proposal be placed on hold in order to allow further community input to the proposal.

Council intends to analyse the final scoping report to determine whether the proposal is financially feasible. This analysis will consider the options available, the required funding and the need for further consultation with adjoining residents.

While appreciating that public consultation took place during the review of the Katikati/Waihi Beach Ward Reserve Management Plan, and the feasibility study is consistent with the objectives of the Walking and Cycling Strategy, Council concedes that further consultation with adjoining property owners will be required to address the current feedback being received.

In summary, Council has a process to work through to determine whether the walkway/cycleway is feasible and, if so, what level of further consultation should be undertaken with adjoining residents and other interested parties.

We will be in contact with you once the scoping report has been analysed to advise of Council's course of action.

For further enquiries please contact  Peter Watson – Reserves and Facilities Manager on Ph. (07) 571 8008.

Indicative route​


Figure 1 : Indicative route along esplanade reserve(s) – Not to scale

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