Te Puna West Wastewater

​​​​​​​​This page is dedicated to information about the Te Puna West Wastewater Reticulation project. Here you will find up to date information on the project, as well as useful links to presentations, reports and forms.

Progress to date


  • All stages of the mains reticulation are now live.
  • 111 of 130 Package pumpstations are now live and operating in the wastewater scheme.
  • Only 10 package pumpstations are left to install and 9 pumpstations are being commissioned.
  • Aotea Electrical has installed 125 control boxes in the scheme. Only 5 left to install

​Installed boundary kit and flush point

Workmen levelling Simplex tanks​​

Pump unit ready to be dropped into tank​                                Duplex unity to be installed in Waitui Reserve

December work plan

The contractor will continue the installation of tanks on the remaining properties.
Waitui toilet block will be installed with its package pump unit.

Reinstatement Work

As we are in the final stages of the construction of the scheme, properties are in various stages of reinstatement.

Inspections will be carried out on individual properties early next week to assess the remaining work for final completion.

Reinstatement works will continue on remaining properties up until the 21st of December 2017.​

Wastewater discharges and use of the system

As the wastewater package pumpstations are installed on your property they become a council asset.

Council will then take over the running and maintenance of the systems (If the system breaks down, Council will fix it).

Although the new package pumpstation and pumps are robust, care must still be taken in what is discharged down your wastewater drains.

The package pumpstations only take waste liquids from your toilet, sink, waste disposal unit, shower, bath, dishwasher and washing machine.

To avoid blockages and damage to the Pressure Sewer System the following items must not be placed in to the system:

​Seafood shells​Socks/rags/cloths​Plastics
​Kitty litterExplosives​​Flammable materials
Lubricating oil/grease​​Strong chemicals​Petrol/diesel
Stormwater run off​​Diapers​Sanitary napkins/tampons
Alarm event

A control/alarm panel has been installed as part of the new wastewater systems on your property.

The control/alarm is mounted on your house or on a fence or post somewhere near the package

pumpstation. These control/alarm units are fully telemetered which means that council monitor the status of the pumps and water level in the tanks.

Ecoflow will monitor these pumps and alert the maintenance contractor if a fault in the pumps has occurred, the maintenance contractor will then dispatch a service person to fix the fault.

Although these units are telemetered and monitored they are still equipped with an alarm as a safeguard.

Should the alarm sound, please free phone Ecoflow on 0508 528 3725.

To silence the alarm, press the button underneath the control/alarm panel. These instructions can be found on a sticker on the control/alarm panel.​​​​​

Project Queries

If you have any queries regarding this project to date, or its progress going forward, please do not hesitate to contact Project Manager Tuana Kuka by email tuana.kuka@westernbay.govt.nz or phone 07 579 6743.​


Bay of Plenty Regional Council's Onsite Effluent Treatment Plan (OSET) required every property in Te Puna West (within the plan's maintenance zone) to comply with the plan by December 2015.

Currently, t​he Te Puna West community uses septic tanks, which Regional Council water quality monitoring shows is at times contaminating the Te Puna West foreshore. 

To comply with the OSET plan each property must either;

  • Apply for a resource consent for their existing system
  • Upgrade their existing system to an advanced system
  • Be decommissioned and connected to a District Council or approved community sewerage reticulation scheme. 

The problem? High ground water and poor soil conditions mean it will be very difficult for a large portion of this community to comply.

The solution? Western Bay Council proposed a solution to this problem, in the form of a reticulation scheme for the community. 

This would see properties hooked up to the Omokoroa pipeline. There is a cost for each property, which could be within $12,800 - $15,800 initially, and a further annual contribution. The scheme involves installation of a grinder pump for each individual property, and connecting infrastructure to allow sewage to be pumped to the Omokoroa transfer pipeline and processed at Tauranga City Council's Chapel Street treatment station.

Further information on the proposed scheme is enclosed in the Te Puna West Background Information Report below.

Feedback forms were se​nt to all property owners within the Te Puna West Reticulation Zone in December 2015, seeking formal commitment to the scheme.  Of the 80 percent of forms returned, 85 percent of property owners supported the scheme.  

Useful links

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Information meeting presentation - 2 November 2015

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