Review of the Reserves and Facilities Bylaw (includes horses)

​​​​​​We are reviewing our Reserves and Facilities Bylaw. This page will keep you updated on what is happening with the review process. You will find the most recent information at the top of the page, but you can read on for more background information if you wish.​

Update 9 November 2018

From 9 November horse riders at Tuapiro Point must abide by the new bylaw.

Signs are up informing horse riders where they can ride and include the code of conduct for horse riders to follow.

Council thanks everyone from the Ngati Te Wai Hapū and the equestrian community for helping find a great compromise that enables horse riding to continue while protecting the ecologically and culturally significant areas.

We will work with the hapū to develop more signage around the Point to share the history and significance of this treasured place.

Please check the signage and maps carefully before you set out on your ride.  If you see anyone riding in the incorrect place or leaving horse waste behind, please update them with the new rules.​

Update 2 November 2018

The new Reserves and Facilities Bylaw 2018 was adopted by Council on 1 November 2018. The new rules come into effect on 9 November 2018.

Update 4 October 2018

The minutes from the 6 August hearings and 27 September Policy Committee meeting are now available. 

Click here to view th​​e minutes. ​

Update 27 September 2018

Horse riders will continue to have the use of Tuapiro Point but with some changes to where horses can be ridden, so that areas of cultural significance and ecological sensitivity are protected.

In response to submissions at the 27 September Policy Committee meeting, Council has agreed to changes that provide greater clarity on the area where horses can and cannot go. 

Click here to read the press release for more information​.

Update 21 September 2018

There was a good turnout to the bylaw hearings held on 6 August at Katikati, with over 50 people speaking and many more in attendance on the day.  Please note that elected members will consider all written and verbal submissions, as well as informal feedback from the open days and have full copies of this information.

We have been working on summarising the 597 submissions, identifying common themes and developing an issues and options paper.  This information will be considered by the Policy Committee on the 27 September 2018 where decisions will be made on the proposed changes to the bylaw, taking into account the submission feedback.  This will then be reported to the next available Council meeting where the final bylaw will be adopted.

A link to the agenda and deliberations report for the 27 September meeting is provided below.  The meeting commences at 9.30am and this will be the ​​first matter on the agenda. The meeting is open to the public to attend. ​​The meeting will be held in the Western Bay of Plenty District Council chambers located at Barkes Corne​r, Greerton.    

PP14 - Additional Items Pack Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


A seven week consultation period for the Reserves and Facilities Bylaw review closed on 9 July 2018. During this time, open days were held in Katikati, Waihi Beach and Paengaroa for the bylaw and also the Katikati/Waihi Beach Reserve Management Plan because the proposals in these two processes are interconnected.

We received 597 written submissions to the Bylaw review. This number has increased as quite a few submissions came into our Katikati/Waihi Beach Reserve Management Plan review, which ran at the same time. So we have diverted these submissions in to the Bylaw process, to ensure that they are considered through the right process.

Of these 597 submissions, 96% opposed the proposed bylaw. Submissions have come from individuals, as well as on behalf of clubs, organisations or committees. Some submissions include petitions, which will be included in the full submission pack.

Hearings will be held on 6 August.  They were originally scheduled on 19 July, but were pushed out to allow more time for some members of the equestrian community and Ngati Te Wai to explore options, and because more than 100 people wish to speak and this number couldn't be accommodated on the original date. We held the Katikati/Waihi Beach Reserve Management Plan hearings on 19 July, which had 52 people in five sessions scheduled to speak in relation to that Plan. This meant that hearing the submitters for both processes on the same day was not achievable.

After hearing all the verbal submissions, the Policy Committee will make its decisions at a meeting on 27 September 2018. The Committee will consider all written and verbal submissions, as well as informal feedback from the open days.

Have your say at the hearings – 6 August 2018

The purpose of the hearings is to give submitters an opportunity to speak and interact with elected members. Full copies of all written submissions will be sent to elected members in advance.  Most submitters use this opportunity to emphasise key points in their written submissions.

If you indicated on your submission that you wish to speak, you will have been emailed or phoned with a timeslot.  Given the number of people who wish to speak and common themes of feedback in the submissions, people will be heard in sessions of approximately 10 submitters.  This means that unnecessary repetition of common themes is avoided and more time is available for elected members to hear and explore the range of views and ideas submitters have presented.

We usually group submitters according to the key themes of their submission – in this case the vast majority of the feedback on this bylaw relates to the use of the beach at Tuapiro Point for horses.

At a high level, people that share the same views in terms of supporting or opposing the proposed bylaw will be grouped together. Within the group, there may be a range of views on why the bylaw is supported/opposed, and a range of ideas in terms of alternative solutions that could be proposed. 

Each group will collectively have 30 minutes to present to the elected members, who may ask questions of clarification. One person will start, and then each person will have the opportunity to add additional points or ideas and share their individual views. You do not need to nominate a spokesperson for your group, nor meet with them beforehand. The Chair will ensure that each person has the opportunity to share their views as an individual within this session. Any person can initiate giving their feedback when the Chair starts the session. Then as each person speaks, they can share their views. There may well be some common themes raised by others in the group that you can reference if you wish.

Similar arrangements have been used for a range of other bylaw review processes, including our Long Term Plan, Reserve Management Plans and other policy processes over the last three years.

Feedback on the group hearings approach is that submitters find it less intimidating compared to standing up at a lectern by themselves and presenting to the councillors, and that they find value in hearing the views of others as part of their group. The Chair of the Committee for the hearings will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to share their views within the allocated period.

Background to the proposed bylaw

Below are links to the key documentation for the consultation period of the bylaw which ran from 14 May to 9 July 2018.

Draft Bylaw​​

Statement of Proposal​

Open day fact sheet

6 August 2018 Hearings Agenda and Submissions Pack

Full submissions pack (Very large file - 82.10MB)

Open days were held during the consultation period:

  • Katikati – 26 May 2018 (9am-12pm)
  • Paengaroa – 16 June 2018 (9am-12pm)
  • Waihi Beach – 23 June 2018 (9am-12pm) 


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