Omokoroa Road upgrade works

​​​Omokoroa Road upgrade from State Highway 2 to the railway​

UPDATE: 17 May 2018

Omokoroa Road upgrade end in sight

The Omokoroa Road upgrade has been an exceptionally complex project due to weather delays, shortage of construction crews, roundabout and intersection builds, developer requests and underground installation of multi-utility services.

However most of the road’s new pavement is expected to be completed in June. The $12.9 million project for which physical works began early in 2017, also hit setbacks with the discovery of multiple archeological sites and the removal of old, unused asbestos watermain pipes that needed specialist handling and disposal.

Underground services installed during the construction have included new water mains, gravity sewer main, stormwater main, new road culverts, communications and power cables, broadband fibre optic cabling and the relocation of sections of the Omokoroa sewer transfer main.

Works will continue until September on installing the stormwater main connection into the Kaimai Views special housing area; development of the park-n-ride near the Prole Road intersection; construction of a cycleway from SH2 to the fire station and installation of an additional sewer main to the wastewater transfer station.​

UPDATE: 1 February 2018

Bad weather over winter and a shortage of specialist contractors has slowed the progress of the Omokoroa Road upgrade.

Difficulty in getting contractors specialised in upgrades (water main replacement, underground power, fibre optic cable, gravity sewer installation etc) during the Bay of Plenty’s construction boom has put the project behind schedule. 

Western Bay of Plenty District Council Mayor Garry Webber says: “trying to coordinate a raft of specialists during a boom time has put the project behind but in saying that, Council’s team have continued work throughout which you can see starting to take shape now.”

This includes:
  • ​Widening the carriageway
  • Creating a roundabout and new intersection for housing developments
  • Building a new park and ride area and improving the safety of the Prole Rd intersection
  • Preparing the new road area for pavement.
Once the roundabout has been completed, the traffic flow will be redirected onto it and away from the existing road allowing the earthworks to be completed. 

These earthworks will allow the remaining underground service installations to be completed.

It’s estimated the road will now be finished by the end of 2018. 

Update: 12 December 2017

The upgrade of Omokoroa Road has been slower than programmed due to many weather delays over winter. With conditions improving, earthworks will start again.

The project includes:

  • ​​​Two kilometres of widened road carriageway

  • ​Safety improvements to the Prole Road intersection

  • Two new intersections for three larger scale housing developments

  • A new cycleway

  • Undergrounding overhead power lines in conjunction with the installation of fibre optic telecommunications cable

  • Relocation of remaining overhead power lines and underground telecommunications cables

  • Relocation of a section of sewer transfer line (completed)

  • Installation of a new bulk watermain to service Omokoroa peninsula

  • New rider-mains running off the bulk main to service all properties along the length of the project

  • The old decommissioned asbestos cement watermain will be excavated and removed to a certified receiving site. This will be done in a contained and safe manner - so don't fret if you see asbestos removal specialists wearing protective gear!

  • A new park-and-ride facility is planned near the Prole Road intersection 

The project will carry on through this summer construction season and includes two new intersections to service the adjoining land development.

Earthworks will continue along the project length between September 2017 and April 2018 followed by the new carriageway and surfacing. 

Surplus material from the roading earthworks has been put into the Special Housing Area for future road embankment and the construction of a stormwater pond.

Coordination with everyone involved in the roading upgrade has been an essential part of the project’s progress. Council acknowledges the cooperation of the many organisations and authorities associated with the project. ​

We thank you for your patience during this time.

See here for the updated roading plan for Omokoroa - Nov 17


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