Katikati Town Centre Plan

Council adopted the Katikati Town Centre Plan on 3 August 2010.

The main objectives of the Katikati Town Centre Plan are to:

a) Capture the community’s vision for the town centre.
b) Encourage private investment that supports the community’s vision.
c) Guide both private and public investment to ensure that the town centre, community and developer gain from development.
d) Ensure the character of the Katikati town centre can be strengthened.

A summary of the submissions and decisions on the Town Centre Plan is included here. (PDF, 65KB)

Included in the town centre plan are 19 actions to be implemented over the next 20 years and a funding plan.

Katikati Town Centre Plan - Part 1 (PDF, 9.04MB)
Katikati Town Centre Plan - Part 2 (PDF, 2.81MB)

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