Policies, Plans, Bylaws and Strategies

A number of our policies and bylaws are currently under review. For more information and to have your say on the changes, click here.


Alcohol Control Bylaw 2016 (effective from 1 October 2016) (PDF 664KB)
Appointment of Directors to Council Controlled Organisations 2018 (PDF, 107KB)
Appointment of Independent Hearings Commissioners Policy 2017 (PDF, 220KB)
Annual Plans
Annual Reports
Asset Management Plan 2013 - Stormwater (PDF, 4756KB)
Asset Management Plan 2013 - Wastewater (PDF, 4221KB)
Asset Management Plan 2013 - Water (PDF, 7783KB)


Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy 2013 (replaces Class 4 Venues & Board Venues Policy) (PDF, 156KB)
Coastal Erosion Responses Policy 2017 (PDF,  285KB)
Community Gardens and the Planting of Fruit and Nut Trees Policy 2013 (PDF, 173KB)
Cultural Monitoring Protocols
 (PDF, 460KB)
Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy 2017 (PDF, 244KB)
District Plan 2012 
Dog Control Policy 2016 (PDF 20.0MB)
Dog Control Bylaw 2016 (PDF 2.38MB)


Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy 2017 (PDF, 452KB)
Emissions Trading Scheme Policy 2012 (PDF, 161KB)
Engagement with Tangata Whenua on Resource Consent Applications
 (PDF, 86KB)
Fees and Char​ges​ (953KB)
Fraud Prevention Policy 2018 (PDF, 163KB)
Freedom Camping Bylaw 2012 without maps (Amended 2015) - Click here for the maps (PDF, 1216KB)


General Bylaw 2008 (PDF, 33KB) 
General Bylaw - Chapter 1 Introduction 2008 (PDF, 96KB)
General Bylaw - Chapter 2 Animals (Excluding Dogs) 2008 (PDF, 53KB)
General Bylaw - Chapter 3 Cemeteries 2008 (PDF, 54KB)
General Bylaw - Chapter 4 Nuisances 2008 (PDF, 42KB)
General Bylaw - Chapter 5 Public Places 2008 (PDF, 63KB)
General Bylaw - Chapter 6 Waste (This is now replaced by the Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2013 found under W)
Geospatial Data Policy Statement (PDF, 147KB)
Halls Policy (PDF, 144KB)
Housing Action Plan 2018 (PDF, 2.09MB)
Huharua Reserves Management Plan 


No Policies.


Kaimai Ward Reserve Management Plan 2016 (PDF, 11.33MB)
Katikati Town Centre Plan
Katikati Built Environment Strategy
Katikati Community Plan - 2000 ​(PDF, 3.84MB)
Katikati - Waihi Beach Ward Reserve Management Plan 2018
Livestock Movements Bylaw-2014.pdf (replaces Stock Droving Bylaw 2008)
Local Alcohol Policy
Long Term Plan 2009-2019
Long Term Plan 2012-2022
Long Term Plan 2015-2025 
Long Term Plan 2018-2028


Maketu Community Plan - 2014 Review (540KB)
Maketu Reserve Management Plan
Maintenance of Previously Unmaintained Paper Roads (PDF, 50KB)
Multiple Pan Wastewater Remissions Policy (Revised 2015)


Omokoroa Built Environment Strategy
Omokoroa Community Plan - 2017 (PDF, 2.66MB)
Paengaroa Community Plan (14.4MB)
Policy for Setting Land Rentals for Club Buildings on Council Land (193KB, PDF)
Procurement Policy (PDF 1MB)
Psychoactive Substances (Local Approved Products) Policy (PDF, 817KB)
Public Art Policy 2009 (PDF, 145KB)
Public Art Guidelines (PDF, 201KB)


Rates Remission for Re-Zoned Land (PDF, 26KB)
Rates Remission for Land Used for Sport and Games (PDF, 44 KB)
Rates Remission for Covenanted Land (PDF, 37 KB)
Rates Remission for Contiguous Land (PDF, 46 KB)
Rates Postponement for Homeowners Aged Over 65 Years (PDF, 50 KB)
Rates Postponement for Financial Hardship (PDF, 54 KB)
Discount for Early Payment of Rates in Current Financial Year (PDF, 39 KB)
Rentals for Encroachments on Council Land Policy (PDF, 351KB)
Remission of Rates Penalties (PDF, 40 KB)
Rates Remission for Natural Disasters and Emergencies (PDF, 45 KB)
Rates Remission on Māori Freehold Land (PDF, 87 KB)
Reserves and Facilities Bylaw 2018  (PDF, 3.34MB)
Road Naming Policy 2018 (PDF, 262KB)
Rural Water Supply Exte​nsion Policy 2018 (PDF, 230KB)


Sensitive Expenditure Policy (PDF, 300KB)
Smokefree Public Spaces Policy 2009 (PDF, 140KB)
Smokefree Policy Handout (PDF, 155KB)
Significance and Engagement Policy (PDF, 209KB)
Speed Limits Bylaw 2012 updated 2017 (PDF, 1978KB)
Speed Limit Bylaw Maps 2017 (PDF, 2.52MB)
Sub Regional Arts and Culture Strategy​ ​​(PDF, 5MB)
Sub Regional Parks Policy - Joint with Tauranga City Council (PDF, 158KB)
Submissions Management Procedures 2019 (PDF, 261KB)
TAB Venue Policy 2013 (replaces Class 4 Venues and Board Venues Policy) (PDF, 148KB)
Te Puke Town Centre Plan
Te Puke Built Environment Strategy
Te Puke Community Plan - 2016 Review (1.33MB)
Te Puke Reserve Management Plan 2011
Te Puna Community Plan - 2017 (PDF, 7MB)
Trade Waste Bylaw 2008 (PDF, 295KB)
Trading in Public Places Bylaw (PDF, 578KB)
Treasury Policy June 2018 (PDF, 215KB)
Traffic and Parking Enforcement Bylaw 2008 (PDF, 223KB)
Schedule 1: Te Puke Traffic/Parking Restrictions updated April 2018
Schedule 2: Katikati Traffic/Parking Restrictions updated April 2018
Schedule 3: Waihi Beach Traffic/Parking Restrictions updated April 2018
Schedule 4: Omokoroa Traffic/Parking Restrictions​ updated April 2018
Schedule 5: Maketu Traffic/Parking Restrictions updated April 2018
Schedule 6: Other Areas Traffic/Parking Restrictions updated April 2018
Spaces and Places Strategy



No policies.


Waihi Beach Town Centre Plan
Waihi Beach Community Plan - 2007​ (PDF, 4.89 MB)
Wairoa River Valley Strategy (PDF, 4.05MB)
Wastewater Drainage Bylaw 2008 (PDF, 63KB)
Water Rates Remission Policy 2014 (PDF, 58KB)
Water Supply Bylaw 2008 (PDF, 78KB)
Water Supply - Terms and Conditions 2018 ​(PDF, 504KB) 
Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2013
Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2017 (PDF, 956KB)
Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2017 Appendix 1 - Waste Audit Report (PDF, 2.2MB)


No policies.

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