New horse riding rules start at Tuapiro

9/11/2018 9:00 a.m.

​​9 November 2018

From today horse riders at Tuapiro Point must abide by the new bylaw.

Signs are up informing horse riders where they can ride and include the code of conduct for horse riders to follow.

Council thanks everyone from the Ngati Te Wai Hapū and the equestrian community for helping find a great compromise that enables horse riding to continue while protecting the ecologically and culturally significant areas.

We will work with the hapū to develop more signage around the Point to share the history and significance of this treasured place.

Please check the signage and maps carefully before you set out on your ride.  If you see anyone riding in the incorrect place or leaving horse waste behind, please update them with the new rules.​

Page reviewed: 12 Nov 2018 2:36pm