Finding and funding creative genius across the Bay

​Thursday, 1 February 2018​

Finding nuggets of creative genius at the grassroots in each community and helping them flourish is one of the joys of being a Creative Communities arts assessor.

Creative Bay of Plenty is on the hunt for assessors to sift through the many applications for funding that come from the arts and culture community every year.

Anne Pankhurst has spent 10 years as a Creative Communities assessor in the Western Bay and Tauranga.

"It's a very cool job because we get to see the breadth of cultural and artistic endeavours at the very grassroots of our communities. I have met amazing people along the way who all share that strong sense of community that prevails in the arts world."

Two of the latest projects assessed by Anne have helped young artists enter Katikati's New Zealand Mural Contest.

"These projects for example wouldn't happen without this funding. The Creative Communities fund certainly makes a huge difference to individuals and groups for whom funding is the main barrier to their success. It is so fulfilling to be able to help these artistic activities flourish.''

The assessors' task is to judge whether each application qualifies for funding against Creative Communities' criteria. The money granted is distributed by Creative Bay of Plenty on behalf of Western Bay of Plenty District and Tauranga City councils.

On average, 25 to 30 projects in Western Bay and 40 in Tauranga get funded annually.

Assessors need to have a passion for creativity, a strong sense of community, a pragmatic approach and an understanding of the local arts scene.

Anyone interested is welcome to send a CV and the reason for wanting to be an assessor to: Lena Kovac, Funding & Empowerment Advisor Creative Bay of Plenty by 9 February 2018.

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