​​​​​​Election information for the Western Bay

Local elections are held once every three years. These elections are for city and district councils, regional councils and district health boards. In some parts of New Zealand, elections will also be held for local and community boards, licensing trusts and some other organisations.

The Western Bay of Plenty District is currently made up of three wards, Waihi Beach/Katikati, Kaimai and Te Puke/Maketu.

Regional government is provided by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, with two Regional Councillors representing the Western Bay of Plenty District.

The number of elected representatives for each ward and/or a community board area depends on the number of resident electors in a ward and/or community board boundary.

The larger the number of eligible electors in a ward and/or community board area – the larger the number of elected representatives.

The last elections were held in 2016.

The next elections will be held on 12 October 2019. ​

​Mayor​1 elected for District
​Ward Councillors​11 elected, 3-4 per ward
​Community Board Members​20 elected, 4 per board
​Bay of Plenty Regional Council (Environment Bay of Plenty) Members​11 elected, 2-3 per Regional Constituency​


Upcoming Triennial Election - October 2019

Election day for the local authority elections is on 12 October 2019. 

One of the most important ways you can take part in the decisions that shape the Western Bay of Plenty District is to get involved in the Local Authority Elections.

During 2018, Western Bay of Plenty District Council undertook a review of representation arrangements (review of number of Elected Members, Wards, Community Boards etc.).  The Council's final proposal retained the current number of Councillors and Wards with a minor change on the Katikati-Waihi Beach/ Kaimai Ward boundary and some changes to Community Boards.

The Local Government Commission announced its decision on the Representation Review on 8 April 2019.  The Commission endorsed the Council's decision to retain 11 Councillors elected from three wards, with one minor boundary alteration on the Katikati-Waihi Beach/ Kaimai Ward boundary.

The decision means that elections are required for the following positions in the 2019 Local Authority Elections:

  • ​Mayor (elected ‘at large’)​

  • Councillors (11)
    • ​Katikati-Waihi Beach Ward (3)
    • Kaimai (4)
    • Maketu-Te Puke Ward (4)

  • Community Board Members (20)
    • Katikati Community (4)
    • Maketu Community (4)
    • Te Puke Community (4)
    • Waihi Community (4)
    • Omokoroa Community (4)

  • ​Bay of Plenty Regional Council Members (either 2 members from the Western Bay of Plenty General Constituency, or 1 member from the Mauāo Māori Constituency).

  • ​Bay of Plenty District Health Board Members (7 members elected ‘at large’).​

The Local Government Commission's determination is available on the Commission's website:  www.lgc.govt.nz.​

Key dates for local authority elections 2019​​​​

​​Saturday 2 March - Tuesday 30 April 2019​Ratepayer roll enrolment confirmation forms sent
​Saturday 2 March - Saturday 6 July 2019​Preparation of ratepayer roll
​Wednesday 17 July 2019​Public notice of election, calling for nominations, rolls open for inspection
​Friday 19 July 2019​Nominations open / roll open for inspection
​Friday 16 August 2019​Nominations close (12 noon) / roll closes
​Wednesday 21 August 2019​Public notice of day of election, candidates’ names 
​Friday 20 September - Wednesday 25 September 2019​Delivery of voting documents
​Saturday 12 October 2019​Election day. Close of voting (12 noon)
​Saturday 12 October (pm) - Thursday 17 October 2019​Official count
​Thursday 17 October - Wednesday 23 October 2019​Declaration of result/public notice of declaration​​

Results will be accessible on this webpage. 

Helpful documents


Further information

For further information regarding this election, please contact the electoral office:​

Dale Ofsoske, Electoral Officer
Western Bay of Plenty District Council
C/o PO Box 5135, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141
Email: info@electionservices.co.nz
Phone: 0800 922 822

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