District Vision and Council's Mission

Our District's 20 Year Vision reflects the wishes of the people living in the Western Bay of Plenty.

The vision was originally developed in 1998 after Council consulted widely with the community. Consultation included public meetings, community workshops and a formal submission process to establish what the community's future vision for the District was.

The vision was reviewed in 2005 following further consultation and was revalidated by the community.

The key elements of the District Vision are:
  • We can all enjoy a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • Our communities are vibrant and welcoming
  • Leaders are effective, informed and inclusive
  • Our environment is clean, green and valued
  • Our economy is thriving

The elected members of the Western Bay (our councillors) play an important part in achieving this vision. 

This is how the councillors see their role:

Council Vision

Council will be recognised as a leader providing strong governance and efficient, effective services through understanding the identity of our communities.

How the Council organisation works to support the district and council visions is achieved through the operational mission statement:

Organisational Mission

Provide people with best value service by implementing plans that deliver social, cultural, environmental and economic progress across the Western Bay of Plenty District.

You'll see the 'People Plan Progress' elements of our mission statement represented on communication material, and throughout this site.

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