​​​Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018-2028

Council adopted its Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018 - 2028 on Thursday, 28 June 2018, with the work programme coming into effect on 1 July 2018.

Council received 419 submissions from ratepayers and 121 people attended our five Have Your Say events in the District. Please note, these events replaced formal hearings.

If you would like to see the submissions received and the issues and options / re-budgets / Internal submissions please view below:

The key decision document

We've created a key decisions document to explain Council's decision on the key topics of the 2018-2028 LTP. You can read this here.​

The 2018 - 2028 Long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan (LTP) sets the budget and details what projects Council will focus on for the next ten years. It's developed following comprehensive community engagement, with significant interest and input from Western Bay residents.​

Council began the process of developing our Long Term Plan in February 2017. We wanted to hear from our communities on what was important to them, the direction they wanted the District to go in, and what they wanted from Council. So we did a roadshow and visited 13 locations across the District.

The LTP 2018-2028 took a future focus look at how to:

  • Plan appropriately for population growth and how our communities may change
  • Enable the housing our community needs through public and private partnerships that deliver on a Housing Action Plan
  • Investigate alternative rubbish and recycling collection models – including the option of a Council-run service
  • Change the way we fund growth-related projects.

The LTP was published 28 June 2018.

The LTP has been arranged in chapters to make it easy for you to navigate.

Introduction (PDF 8.4 MB)
Chapter One - Overview (PDF 935KB)
Chapter Two - Informing our planning (PDF 10.1MB)
Chapter Three - Activities (sections from this chapter are broken down per activity below)

Representation (PDF 2.3MB)
Planning for the future (PDF 153KB)

Building Communities
Communities strategy (PDF 213KB)
 - Community building (PDF 154KB)
 - Libraries and service centres (PDF 118KB)
 - Community facilities (PDF 178KB)
 - Civil defence and emergency management (PDF 107 KB)
Recreation and leisure (PDF 338 KB)
Regulatory services (PDF 228 KB)
Transportation (PDF 283 KB)
Water supply (PDF 262 KB)
Stormwater (PDF 279 KB)

Protecting the environment
Natural environment (PDF 247 KB)
Wastewater (PDF 246 KB)
Solid waste (PDF 194 KB)

Supporting our economy
Economic (PDF 182KB)

Support services
Support services (PDF 93 KB)

Chapter four - Financials (PDF 9.8MB)
Chapter five - Policies, summaries and statements (PDF 5.1MB)









Pukehina Beach Community Centre

​Pyes Pa

​Te Puke

Te PunaTe Puna additionTe Ranga

​Waihi Beach


Schedule of fees and charges 2018-2019

full list of projects per ward

For full project lists per ward please click on the links below:​




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