Long Term Plan (LTP) 2015 - 2025

Council adopted its Long Term Plan (LTP) 2015 - 2025 on Thursday, 25 June 2015, with the work programme coming into effect on Wednesday,  1 July 2015.  

Council received more than 1000 submissions from ratepayers. More than 125 people or groups also spoke to their submissions at a series of hearings held in early May 2015.

Your submissions are here

The Key Decisions Document

We've created a key decisions document to explain Council's decision on the key topics of the 2015-2025 LTP. You can view this here - we have broken it into smaller parts to allow for easier downloading. 

Part 1 - Introduction (PDF, 3MB)
Part 2 - Balancing the Books, District Cycle Trails, Funding for Stormwater (p1) (PDF, 2.7MB)
Part 3 - Funding for Stormwater (p2), Waihi Beach Events & Promotion, Wastewater, Funding Swimming Pools (PDF, 2MB)
Part 4 - Library & Service Centres, Heritage Museum, Seal Extensions on Rural Roads. (PDF, 2.8MB)

The 2015 - 2025 Long Term Plan

In a nutshell, the Long Term Plan (LTP) outlines what communities in the Western Bay want to achieve in the long term and sets a pathway for Council to reach these objectives through strategies and actions.

The LTP sets the pace for the District for the next 10 years. If follows a comprehensive community engagement process, with significant interest and input from Western Bay Residents.

The LTP has been arranged in chapters to make it easy for you to navigate.


Chapter One - Overview

Chapter Two - Informing Our Planning​

Chapter Three - Activities​​
Planning for the future
Communities strategy
  - Community building
  - Libraries and service centre
  - Community facilities
  - Civil defence and emergency management
Recreation and leisure
Regulatory services
Water supply
Protecting the environment
Natural Environment
Solid waste
Supporting our economy
Support services

Chapter Four - Financials

Chapter Five - Policies, summaries and statements​

Fees and charges
For the up-to-date fees and charges please see the schedule of fees and charges published in the Annual Plan 2017-2018

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