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​​Omokoroa Community Plan

​​The Omokoroa Community Plan​ (2017) ​expresses the aspirations of the growing community of Omokoroa for the next 10 years. We live in a special part of New Zealand and all need to be active in ensuring that culture, arts, community amenities, environment, recreation and land-use keep pace with our population growth to the benefit of all residents.

This plan, written by the community, captures its visions and aspirations and provides the impetus and direction to move ahead with confidence, our actions representing the voice of the community.

Although owned by the community, it is important to invite other organisations to sit around the table and make contributions relevant to their role. This could be the District Health Board; Regional Council; NZTA or other organisations with a mandate to work in our area. For example, this plan is not a Western Bay of Plenty District Council (Council) policy document, therefore to influence Council, submissions should be made, quoting the Plan, to Councils Annual Plan, Long Term Plan and Structure Plans. The document also provides the mandate to hold talks with Council staff and elected representatives. Councils “Have your Say” web pages are also a valid way of contributing.

Relevant agencies should always be invited to the table as they all have their own annual work plans, staff and budgets, and working together, far more can be achieved.

The Community Board also plays an important part in our development and we can input either by correspondence or attending the Public Forum section of their meetings so members are aware of items that should be addressed to Council.

The Plan is designed to take Omokoroa forward, and does this by expressing actions, along with timeframes and who will be involved.

The Plan captures the philosophy of live, work, learn and play the SmartGrowth Strategy to effectively ​manage growth in the Western Bay region.

Omokoroa Community Development Plan

The CDP for Omokoroa captures current and future initiatives for the peninsula. Council staff met with community groups and schools and worked with people to look to the future and envisage how they want their community to be, as it grows and develops, and to think about how this could be done over the next 20 years. The plan was adopted by Council on August 6th 2010.

The CDP feeds into Council’s other plans such as the Long Term Plan, and Annual Plan and budget. For example some actions identified in the CDP will be implemented through the 10 year Long Term PlanSmartGrowthOmokoroa Built Environment Strategy and the Kaimai Wa​rd Reserves Management Plan.  

The CDP also feeds into the beach development plan and the commercial centre plan.

Omokoroa 20-Year C​ommunity Development Plan​ (PDF, 3.84MB)​

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