Building Consents and Information

Building construction siteIf you are undertaking any building, project or activity that may require consent or licence from Council please check with us prior to beginning.  The cost of obtaining a consent or licence before work begins is often far less expensive if you have to correct any work to comply with legislation.

Building consents, issued under provisions of the Building Act, are needed for most building work.

The Building Consent Process

For help with the building consent process see our Guide to Building Consents (Building Consent Process Booklet - PDF, 2MB). This updated resource is designed to give you the key information, tools and contacts needed for more residential building projects. For more information view our Building Consent Brochures.

Pre-lodgement Vetting of your Application

This service helps us to help you have all the right information to process your consent.  Unfortunately we have to go back to some customers to request further information because they've not provided everything we need when they lodge their application.  Processing time is currently $120 hour, so it's important to get the right information together at the outset.

If you'd like to take up this service please call our Customer Service Team on 571 8008 to make an appointment with our consents team.

When you meet with the team it's important you have the following information handy:

  • Project address

  • Project description (type of consent, eg. new single storey residential dwelling)

  • Legal description

  • Contact details

  • Completed pre-vetting checklist.  You can download the right lodgement checklist for your project under Building Consents - Application forms

Applying for a code compliance certificate for building consents issued 5 or more years ago

Please see our Guide on applying for a Code Compliance Certificate for building consents that were issued 5 or more years ago under Building Consent Brochures


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