Sport Facilities or Council land i.e. Reserve/Park - Bookings


Sport Grounds/Fields & Court Bookings

Clubs and schools can book sports grounds/fields and courts for casual or seasonal use. Please complete a Sports ground Application form. (PDF 50.7KB).  Applications should be submitted to the Reserves Team at least one (1) month prior to the date required.  For more information, please contact the Reserves Team on 07 571 8008.

Reserves/Parks/Roads/Streets/Footpaths Bookings For Events

If you'd like to book or require permission to use Council land i.e. reserve, park, road, street or footpath for an event or wedding, please complete an Event application form (PDF, 510KB).  Only complete the sections of the form which are relevant to the type and size of your event. See details below of event types and notice periods required by Council to process an application.

Please note: old application forms will no be longer be accepted.

Applications and supporting documentation can be emailed to the Reserves Team. For more information, please contact the Engineering Systems Technician or Customer Service Team on 07 571 8008.

Your event will only be approved to proceed once all information has been received within the specified timeframe. Council reserves the right to decline an application if insufficient notice or information is provided.

Event types and notice required by Council

Event Type

​Event Parameters

Notice period required by Council

​Low Impact event

​Events with;

  • No road closures or disruption to public transport

  • Low number of registered food vendors (less than 5)

  • Minimal basic infrastructure e.g. ezi-ups, portable toilets, small stage

Examples include community days, fundraising events or park-based fun runs/walks.

Minimum 6 weeks

Medium impact event

​Events with;

  • Minor road closures and potential disruption to public transport

  • Multiple food vendors (more than 5) and /or liquor licensed areas

  • Amusement devices (e.g. bouncy castle). Multiple items of infrastructure and/or an infrastructure build requiring building consent e.g. marquees etc.

Examples include triathlons, large scale sporting events, music events with stages.

Minimum 5 months

High impact event

​Events with;

  • Significant number of people expected to attend

  • Road closures, disruption to public transport and high impact to traffic expected

  • Multiple food vendors and / or liquor licensed areas

  • Significant infrastructure builds

  • Multiple event sites and or days

  • Resource consent required

  • Building consent maybe required

  • Pyrotechnics (Fireworks)

Examples include major sporting events, commercial fairs or music events.

Minimum 10 months

Alcohol at an event

If you wish to have alcohol at your event, please complete an Application for Alcohol Dispensation for an Event/Wedding on Council Reserve (PDF, 165KB)  and include with the above event application.  For more information contact the Reserves Team on 07 571 8008.

Please note: An alcohol ban may be in place. To check, see our website - maps are at the back of the PDF.  To apply for a liquor license for your event, see our website.

Rubbish / Waste Management

To help you look after the reserve/park and keep it tidy, please check out our Events Waste Reduction booklet. (PDF, 2.1MB)

Public Liability

Under the Reserves Act 1977, public shows, fairs with stalls etc. require public liability insurance for $150,000.00. Evidence of this must be presented to Council two weeks prior to your event as part of your event booking application.

Amusement Devices

Amusement devices such as merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels require a permit to operate in our district. Applications for permits must be received 10 working days prior to your event. Amusement devices cannot be operated before a permit is issued. See our website on Amusement Devices. 

Registration of amusement devices by the owner / operator are issued by WorkSafe New Zealand.

Fees and Charges

Additional fees/charges may be required as part of your event booking application.  For more information, contact the Reserves Team on 07 571 8008.


A bond maybe required to ensure any potential damage or excessive wear and tear can be corrected. Bonds are to be paid prior to confirmation of the booking and will range in cost from $150 up to $2,000. Bonds are returned if premise is left clean, tidy and in good condition. For further information or enquiries regarding the bond amounts, please contact the Reserves Team on 07 571 8008.

General use of a reserve/park

If you're planning to use a reserve or park for a picnic, BBQ, small gathering or birthday party (less than 100 people) etc then see our Reserve-Park User Guidelines to ensure you have a safe, successful and enjoyable day.

TECT All Terrain Park - Arrival Centre Bookings

For bookings of the Arrival Centre at TECT All Terrain Park, go to the TECT All Terrain Park website.

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