Coastal Erosion Responses Policy

​Council has adopted a Coastal Erosion Responses Policy to enable consistent decision-making where Council-owned coastal land is affected by coastal erosion or subsidence.

The policy, which has taken five years to research and develop, recognises that hard coastal defences (like seawalls) are not only costly to construct, but they require maintenance and eventual upgrading or replacement. With currently rising sea levels and a likely increase in the frequency and severity of cyclones, these costs will certainly increase.

Council saw it prudent to develop a policy to give a framework for future decisions on the response to erosion or subsidence of Council-owned coastal land. 

The policy includes a set of assessment criteria that Council will consider to guide its decision-making on the most appropriate response – which may range from letting nature take its course, to adaptive management or use of engineered structures as a last resort.

There is flexibility within the policy for Council to consider cases of erosion/land slip on an individual basis.

The policy limits future Council funding to the protection of Council-owned land and strategic assets. 

Coastal Erosion Responses Policy​
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