Welcome to the Western Bay events page! Here you'll find information designed to help you run a successful event in our District.

What IS AN event?

An event is an organised special occasion of limited duration that brings people together for the primary purpose of participating in an uplifting community, cultural, commemorative, recreational, sport, art, educational or entertainment experience.

If you're planning an event in a public space i.e reserve or park in the Western Bay district, see our website on Events on a Reserve/Park bookings which includes an application form (PDF 510KB). 
Prior approval from Council is required for all events.  This is to ensure that your event is both successful and safe.

For general use of a reserve/park for a bbq, picnic, small family gatherings etc, see our Reserve-Park User Guidelines.

Events Toolkit

Council has put together an Events Toolkit to equip event managers for a wide range of events, from very minor to large (but not major) events. It includes tips on planning, marketing, finding sponsors, and best practice for volunteer management. This Toolkit also provides the information and templates required to fulfil your waste management and health and safety obligations when holding events on council property.

Planning a Successful Event (PDF, 100KB)

Event Planning Guide (PDF, 192KB)

Marketing Your Event (PDF, 128KB)

Top 10 Rules for Sponsorship Hunters (PDF, 80KB)

Guide for Managing Event Volunteers (PDF, 92KB)

Evaluating Your Event (PDF, 111KB)

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