Omokoroa to Tauranga Cycle Trail


​​​This 19km route, made up of both new and existing off-road shared paths and local road connections, will provide a link between the growing township of Omokoroa and Tauranga City's existing urban cycleway network.

This is a high profile project for the region with significant community support, including contributions from the Tauranga Round Table and other potential external investors, as well as assistance from project partners PowerCo and KiwiRail.

The project will provide an alternative way to access the urban communities in the area, schools, parks and reserves, Tauranga Harbour area and the higher density rural development areas planned for under the sub-region's SmartGrowth partnership.

 The development of this northern city route will also provide an alternative transport choice to the busy State Highway 2 corridor that connects the area to Tauranga City.


The project will provide a much safer alternative to the existing state highway corridor, where heavy and high volume traffic is suppressing demand for cycling. This scenic new route will encourage more walking and cycling between the urban communities in the area and is likely to increase the number of children cycling to school. It will also become a key part of a tourist trail from Waihi to Maketu. The route is expected to attract 130-200 commuter cyclists a day, with a higher estimate for recreational users.


Construction started in September 2016 and is expected to be completed by December 2018.

This cycle trail is being constructed in stages and includes a new dedicated walkway/cycleway Wairoa River bridge crossing.​

Key facts

Estimated cost is $11,000,000. Funding is between NZ Transport Agency, Western Bay Council and Tauranga City Council - with additional community and third party contributions including a $1million grant from TECT.

Total length is about 19.3km.


View a map of the proposed cycleway here.

View a story map of the proposed cycleway here.

Omokoroa to Plummers Point (Updated 17 July 2017)

Section 1 - Omokoroa boat ramp to Tinopai Reserve ​open between Cooney and Tinpai Reserves

Length 1,825m. Construction type - on-road and existing track.

The Omokoroa to Tauranga walkway/cycleway commences by the boat ramp, near the picturesque Omokoroa Beach, travels on-road along The Esplanade then continues along an existing track via Cooney's Reserve to Tinopai Reserve. 

Section 2 - Tinopai Reserve to Lynley Park NOW OPEN!

Length 1.1km. 

Timber-edged metaled track, boardwalk and timber bridge construction and gravel sections. Runs from Tinopai Reserve to Lynley park alongside the harbour - providing stunning views and the opportunity to see local birdlife.

Section 3 - Lynley Park to railway

Length 1,390m - To be constructed. This section runs along newly created esplanade reserve bordering the Lynley Park subdivision. It will be predominantly metaled track construction. 

The section is planned to go around the north eastern boundary of the historic Mangawhai Pa and finish at the new Tamihana Park. It is programmed for  completion in late 2017, once the required archaeological authority is granted fron Heritage NZ.

Section 4 - Railway, Tamihana Park to KiwiRail Bridge

Length 250m - To be constructed. This section runs along the base of the rail embankment, ending at the KiwiRail Bridge across the Mangawhai Creek. Construction type is metaled track. Programmed for 2017.

Section 5 – Bridge across Mangawhai Inlet

Length 50m - To be constructed. This section will require the construction of a new separate bridge beside the KiwiRail Bridge. Work is programmed for 2017, once consents are obtained..

Section 6 – Mangawhai bridge to Huharua Park

Length 760m - To be constructed. Starting at the southern end of the new bridge, this section conects to the unformed public road, along the harbour's edge, then along esplanade reserve until it reaches Huharua Park. Construction type will include timber boardwalk and metaled sections.

Route location to be determined in consultation with Pat's Lane residents. Work programmed for 2017.

Section 7 - Huharua Park

Length 570m - on an existing path. Owned jointly by Western Bay and Tauranga City councils, Huharua Park was purchased as a passive harbourside reserve for the enjoyment of public in the wider sub-region of Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty.  

Located within the Western Bay District, the park falls under the administration of our Council as the lead authority.  

Tangata Whenua Pirirakau Hapu has played a major role in the development of Huharua Park from Council's initial purchase in 2004 to their on-going involvement including the recently completed Marae DIY Project. 

Plummers Point to Te Puna

Section 8 - Plummer's Point Road

Length 1,890m - on road. This section is entirely on road and offers riders and walkers views over the Te Puna West settlement and down the harbour towards Mount Maunganui. 

Section 9 - Jess Road to KiwiRail Bridge

Length 1,110m - To be constructed as an improvement to the existing track.  
After leaving Plummer's Point Road the route follows Jess Road briefly before skirting the Department of Conservation wetland area. It then crosses over the end of Jess Road and finishes at the KiwiRail Bridge over the Te Puna Estuary. 

Section 10 – Jess Road KiwiRail Bridge

Length 90m - To be constructed.  This section will require the construction in the same fashion as the Mangawai Inlet Bridge (Section 5).

Section 11 - Rail bridge to Newnham Road

Length 700m - To be constructed.
This section runs from the end of the proposed new 90m bridge, via timber boardwalk to the unformed end of Newnham Road and meets up with the formed and sealed portion of Newnham Road. 

Section 12 - Newnham Road

Length 500m - on road. This section is all on sealed road – and a beside the road cycle trail will be considered.

Section 13 - Snodgrass Road

Length 140m - on road. This is a short section on sealed road, linking in to the existing concrete path in Borell Road. Work programmed for late 2017.

Section 14 - Snodgrass Road to Te Puna Rugby Club entrance on Te Puna Road

Length 2,540m - existing path. This section is entirely on an existing path and finishes at the entrance to Maramatanga Park and the Te Puna Rugby Club on Te Puna Road. The project team will consider widening this section to 2.5m wide if funds are available.

Section 15 - Te Puna Rugby Club entrance to Lochhead Road

Length 205m - on road. This small section links the pathway on Te Puna Road with Lochhead Road. A new concrete trail and defined crossing point is planned.

Te Puna to Wairoa River

Section 16 - Lochhead Road

Length 1,650m - on road. This is another on-road section through a pleasant rural environment. The road may require some widening or upgrading to cater for the increased number of cyclists.

Section 17 - Lochhead Road (Paper Road)

Length 540m - To be constructed. This section will be constructed over the unformed (paper road) end of Lochhead Road in association with the adjacent land owner.  Construction expected to begin by spring 2017, including Sections 18 and 19.

Section 18 - Paper road to Esplanade

Length 155m - To be constructed. This section links the end of the paper road section with Council's esplanade reserve and is the result of an agreement with the adjacent land owner.

Section 19 - Esplanade to Rail

Length 575m - To be constructed. This section essentially runs parallel with the Wairoa River, mostly on esplanade reserve. It will include boardwalk sections or culverts across various open drains.

Section 20 - Rail to Te Puna Station Road

Length 190m - To be constructed. This section runs from Council's esplanade reserve, via a boardwalk under the KiwiRail bridge, then links up with Te Puna Station Road road reserve. 

Section 21 - Te Puna Station Road - North of Waipuna Hospice

Length 980m - To be constructed. This section runs parallel with Te Puna Station Road and alongside the Wairoa River.  Design considerations include a riverside boardwalk due to the narrowness of the road.

Section 22 - Te Puna Station Road - Waipuna Hospice to Te Puna Bridge Reserve

Length 500m - To be constructed. This section again runs parallel with Te Puna Station Road and alongside the Wairoa River. 

Section 23 - Under SH2 bridge to new Wairoa Bridge

Length 210m - To be constructed. This section runs under the Wairoa River Bridge and finishes at the eastern end of the Wairoa River Reserve.

Section 24 - New Wairoa Bridge

Length 110m - To be constructed. This section features the construction of a feature bridge across the Wairoa River.

As at 1 March 2017, detailed design plansof the winning concept arched bridge and resource consent applications are being prepared.  The bridge is estimated at $6.5million. TECT and NZ Community Trust have each provided a grant of $1m towards the bridge.

Section 25 - New Wairoa Bridge to SH2 (Parau) including crossing

Length 1,430m - To be constructed. The final section of the cycleway/walkway is in the Tauranga City Council area. It runs from the Wairoa River and Taniwha Place to Parau Reserve and Bethlehem using existing paths. 

The exact route depends on the timing of Tauranga City Council's Wairoa Reserve development and includes the provision of safe access across SH2 in Bethlehem.

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