Take our rates survey

What's important to you? What if you paid the same amount of rates as you do now, but could influence where the money went in order to best suit your wants and needs?

As part of the Council's early planning work for our 2018-2028 Long Term Plan, our new rates survey looks at different areas of spending and asks you to select whether you'd like 'more', 'less', or 'the same' amount of funding.

It will provide Council with valuable information about what our communities think money should be spent on in the years ahead. The short survey should take about 10 minutes. Take the survey here.

Remember: While this will help Council prioritise expenditure, there are also things we cannot compromise on, to ensure we meet our obligations to the community as required by legislation e.g. drinking water standards and sewerage treatment standards. These are also some of our highest costs.

Page reviewed: 15 Jun 2017 12:23pm